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How to Plastic Molding Process in 6 Easy Step

how to plastic process molding


In order to create replicas of desirable items, you may sometimes wish to mold plastic to give it the shape of that object. Plastic molding is done in several ways. One out of these is injection molding, which is done with the help of machines, while one is molding done with the help of re-usable materials found in your house. In order to mold plastic, you can follow these easy steps if you wish to perform the job at home.

How to Plastic Molding Process in 6 Easy Step

How to Plastic Molding Process

1. Purchase a Mold or Create It with Help of P.O.P:-

In order to mold plastic, first of all you will need a mold. You can purchase a silicon mold from the market if it is available or you can get it made by some mold maker. If no such mold maker is available in your area, you can create a mold for yourself with the help of plaster of Paris dissolving it to make a mixture and then shaping it up to a mold by filling it in a container placing the object to be molded in it.

Suppose If wish to mold an idol, Then I will simply fill a bucket with plaster of Paris solution and I will place the idol in it in such a way that half of idol is dipped in plaster of Paris and it is easier for me to remove the idol when plaster of Paris gets dried off.

2. Melt the Plastic Re Usable Materials in Microwave:-

Sideways, we will keep prepared our building material. While molding any object with plastic, the mold will always stay the same and we will fill it each time with liquid plastic which we will prepare melting re-usable materials in a microwave. The mold should be taken out removing it from the basket, taking the object out safely. The plaster of Paris mold has been shaped up like the shape of the object which we bought into use.

3. Pour Melted Material in the Mold:-

The melted material which we prepared in step two should now be added to the plaster of Paris mold after melting it. The liquid plastic will get filled inside the shape spaces of the object. We have to leave the mold undisturbed now for some time, preferably one day or two. The plastic will get solidified till then and you will be able to remove the plastic shaped object afterwards.

5. Give It a Shaping Touch:-

The removed object such formed has been shaped up like the object which we bought in use to make the mold. You can give it a finishing touch using blade in order to carve the extra portion of plastic deposited around the object and every extra part of plastic can be taken out or removed.

6. Paint It Up To Give It A Finishing:-

You can now get the plastic object polished or painted so as to give it a new look. The mold can be used again and again to create countless similar objects. You can also start the business of selling plastic molded objects this way.


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