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How to Plan a Surprise Birthday Party for your Beloved

How to Plan a Surprise Birthday Party


Birthday is an occasion that makes you enter in a planning mood. You start thinking on the topic and planning how to celebrate it and when the birthday is of your beloved. In this article we are back with some tips to organize a birthday in a surprising way to make it a life long memory some of which are as follows:-

How to Plan a Surprise Birthday Party

How to Plan a Surprise Birthday Party

1. Construct A Plan:-

Firstly, you need to make a plan, look your surroundings and make a list of the available stuff and available people for help. If you are taking somebody’s help, make sure to take a promise he will not tell it to anyone. Now sit together with your helping assistant and talk with him or her on what can be done to celebrate birthday with a surprise. Make a list of the food items to be ordered from restaurant or stuff to bring from kirana shop for the ones to be cooked in home and the other decorative stuff.

2. Select A Place:-

Choosing a place for the party is also important. You can celebrate the birthday at your home or even at some restaurant. The difference is just that while celebrating it at your home, you will have to make all the arrangements yourself, but in a restaurant the staff will be available to help you. Now when you have chosen the place. You can think on a plan how to keep the birthday person away from that place. You can send that person for some work or you can think on some other working plan also.

3. Making Decorations:-

Make the decorations the way you want. After cleaning your house, you just need to bring the table in a suitable corner of your house and spread some good table cover over it. Order a good flavored cake to be cut on that table with your partner. You can go for the rest of decorations in your style. If you have chosen some restaurant, they will provide you all these services themselves with help of the staff.

4. Whom To Invite:-

Now when the arrangements have been made, you can think to invite your guests. This can include your relatives or your partner’s relatives and your common friends or you can even chose to celebrate it alone.

5. Surprise Gift:-

With a surprise party, There should be a surprise gift also. Chose a suitable gift for your partner. This can be anything he desires for but remember to choose something that he or she needs and comes in daily usage and proves beneficial for your partner. You can even make a homemade card for your partner that will depict how serious you are for your relation. You can even write some poetry or Shayari or some love quote on it with “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” and your name written on the top.

6. While You Cut The Cake:-

Now it is the turn to call your partner to the decided place. All the relatives should be present there and the lights should be kept off. The lights should be switched on the moment your partner reaches the site. Your partner will feel happy in real sense with this act of yours when all will wish “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” together to him after lights is switched on. Then you can cut the cake together and enjoy the celebrations. This birthday will be memorable for you both in a true sense.


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