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How to Pick Your Nose Without Anyone Noticing

how to pick your nose without anyone noticing


To pick your nose refers to the way of extracting nasal mucus by using a finger or similar substitute. One may or may not ingest the mucus picked this way from nose, depending on his habit of nose picking.  Though this habit is discouraged in the ways of socializing and people often advise us not to pick the nose, but still it becomes essential for us to do this sometimes when there is an excess build-up of mucus in it. If you wish to know the exact way of picking up your nose, here are some tips that will help you during the same:-

how to pick your nose without anyone noticing

How to Pick Your Nose

1. Insert Your Finger or Cotton Wrapped Toothpick in Your Nose:-

The best way to pick your nose is to pick it with your fingers. The middle finger or one of its side fingers can be bought in use for this purpose. No-one till date is seen using his/her thumb for this purpose, but the so called sophisticated people who never prefer entering fingers in their nose sometimes use a wet toothpick wrapped with cotton in order to clean their nose. Be careful if you try this approach as cotton in your nose can sometimes make you sneeze.

2. Revolve or rotate it around the Boundaries of Your Nose:-

When you insert your finger in your nose, the mucous won’t itself come out and instead you will have to rotate your finger while keeping it inside. While doing so, you can easily feel the mucous getting stuck with your finger. When you take your finger out, the mucus will also come out with it.

3. Take out the Mucus:-

I told you earlier that when you take your finger out of your nose, the mucus will also come out with it. The same procedure can be repeated again with the other nostril when you wish to pick it. The thin finger is always better for this operation as it can fit the best in one of your nostrils during this approach.

4. Ingest it if you wish to do so:-

If you wish to ingest the mucus taken out, you can ingest it as well. Just keep the finger with mucus on your tongue and lick it up. You will come to know about the taste yourself as I have never tried to lick the mucus, which comes out of my nose and thus you will have to experience it yourself if you wish to do so.

5. Mind Your Habits in Public:-

Ingesting your mucus in mouth can be embarrassing sometimes when people see you while committing all this. You should mind your habits in public and if the mucus in your nose makes you troubled at one such place, you can remove it by getting inside the toilet and then cleaning your finger under tap, but never try to finger out your nose in front of people as else they will consider you as a manner less and unsocialized person.

6. The Arguments Those Researchers Give In Reference to This:-

Some of the researchers take mucus ingestion as a good trait rather than taking it as a bad trait. They say that it improves the immune system and also acts as a cocktail of antiseptic enzymes, which kill and weaken many bacteria that get entangled in it. We never acclaim one such fact and thus it is up to you if you just pick your nose or ingest it as well.


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