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How to Pay Credit Card Bill Through Internet

How to Pay a Credit Card Bill


A credit card is a card that enables you to make expenditure even while you don’t have money with yourself with a promise to pay back the debts to bank after a desired interval of time. Credit card opens up your boundaries regarding every aspect of money spending and thus proves to be beneficial for you. Simply give a proof of income and the bank will issue it to you. Regarding the process of payment, it is made after the specified time limit ends, but it is better if you pay it as soon as possible and in case you wish to go for the credit bill payments, you may choose to go for the tips that we are mentioning here.

How to Pay Credit Card Bill

How to Pay Credit Card Bill

1. The Rules of Penalty:-

If the previous bills have been pending and unpaid since a time large than the specified limit, you might be charged with a penalty for not paying your debts. In case you charge more than your credit limit, the extra fees can be charged from you in this case as well.

2. Credit Goes Down When Balance Goes Up:-

As your balance increases, your available credit decreases. Suppose if you have a credit limit of 50,000 rupees and you make a purchase of 15,000 rupees. Your balance is now 15,000 and available credit is 35,000 rupees. Look for this credit scheme while looking for expenditure and decide what amount can be spent and what is left with the credit card.

3. How You Come To Know about the Bills:-

After the billing period ends, a billing statement are sent to you via Email that you have provided with the bank. The period of billing may be a small or big span depending on your credit card provider bank as well as the terms and conditions that you are bound with.

4. First of All Open the Drop down Menu:-

From the dedicated portal to pay credit card bill, open up the drop down menu and then select your net banker from it. Click the “Pay” option afterwards when the net banker gets selected from the available list and then it will redirect you to the bank payment interface of your chosen net banking option.

5. Confirm the Payment Transaction:-

Confirm the payment transaction with your specified bank Say ABC Bank, the online transaction confirmation will be received along with the transaction confirmation number that you can save or write at some dedicated safe place. Congratulations, the payment has been made.

6. Be a Smart Credit Card User:-

In order to be a smart credit card user, you just need to know how to maintain balance with your card. The credit card is not a thing of use, but a thing of need. You should keep the card reserved only for unexpected situations so as to save yourself from penalties as well as other charges with transactions. Simply be a smart credit card user and live smartly with no problems with your credit card bill.


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