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How to Paint a Table and Make it Look Antique

How to Paint a Table


It can prove to be too much tough sometimes in order to paint a table as some of the woods soak up all the paint that we apply on them and the wood still remains as it is. Sometimes it is that we don’t know the perfect technique to do so or it is that we lack equipments and ingredients and thus here in this article we have come with some easy tips for you to paint your table in a better and simple way.

How to Paint a Table and Make it Look Antique

How to Paint a Table and Make it Look Antique

1. Selecting the paint:-

In order to paint a table, first of all, you will need to choose a paint. Don’t try to be a fool in choosing paint and choose one from a renowned brand only. Those from the other brands may seem to be a bit cheaper, but they have much thinner content in them and the table might soak it up full in it. Go for the paint from a specific brand and choose one litre paint for 2×4 feet area as that would be enough and instead some paint would even be left with you for the future purposes.

2. Selecting the brush:-

Now in order to paint your table, you would need to get a painting equipment as well. You can choose to go for a paint sprayer or you can even seek to go for a paint applying drum as well. Select the brush of perfect size and perfect bristles. Don’t take a brush with bristles that are not straight as it might create a problem while painting.

3. Primer and varnish:-

As I told you earlier, Some wood soak up the paint and it looks like the wood had not ever been painted. You can choose to go for a primer or varnish in order to go for painting such things. Suppose you were covering 2×4 feet area, you can choose to go for a 400ml primer for it.

4. Applying the first coat:-

Now when you have got all the essentials needed for painting your table, you can choose to go for the further approaches. Simply remove the paint that has been put earlier on the table using some iron thin blade and then when the most of it gets removed, you can choose to go for the first coat for painting the table. Simply make a single coat of primer on your table and let it get dried. Now make a coat of paint on the body of the table after the primer gets dried and wait for a while, the wood would not soak up the paint now and you can choose to go for another coat.

5. Final touch:-

For giving a final touch to your table, you can choose to paint up the drawers and drawer handles. You can choose to paint up all the rest of body and heal every single seen pore on it with the help of paint in your paint box.

6. Precautions:-

While going to paint a table, always remember to put gloves in your hands and wear some old clothes as they might get some of the paint drops come in contact with them. You should choose to cover your hair with a polythene and put some old newspapers and a dry cloth besides you for added precautions.


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