How to Pack a Suitcase

How to Pack a Suitcase


A suitcase can be regarded as a luggage bag. People use this flat case for storing up your clothes , it has got a handle for you to carry it easily and even small tires sometimes for you to make it travel with you easily. A suit case is rectangular hard case that can be in a bag form or even a trolley that rolls with you when you walk. Suitcase proves to be an added comfort for everybody who seek to travel from place to place and proves to help them with their luggage as well as the daily need items. In this article thus we have come with some tips for you to pack it in a great way applying some tips to your lifestyle.

How to Pack a Suitcase

How to Pack a Suitcase

1. Commodities At The Trunk:-

First of all, I will advise you to keep commodities like packed things at the trunk of your suit case in order to make it spacious. You can choose to keep packed suit or dresses at this portion of your suit case. If there is any gadget packed in a box, You can choose to keep it here only.

2. Unpacked Clothes Behind The Elastic Strap:-

There is an elastic strap attached at the upper portion of your suit case and this you can use to keep your unpacked things and commodities. The elastic belt will prevent these things from crowding the space and they will stay packed properly maintaining space.

3. Cards, Jewellery And Papers In The Pockets:-

If you are taking some cards or papers or money, cheque book, passbook or jewellery with you, You can manage to keep these things in the pouches or pockets provided in the suit case. You can choose to keep everything small in them and then close the zip of these pouches.

4. Foot Wear At The Sides:-

If you are planning to pack some shoes or slippers or a pair of footwear or sandals for you to wear at the destination and you want to keep it in the suit case as well, you can choose to keep these at the side space of your suit case. There is always some space left between the clothings or at their sides, These things can be put in that space after keeping them packed in some polythene bag.

5. Make It Flat:-

Now when you have kept approximately everything that you need in this bag, You can manage to fir the cardboard sheets provided with the suitcase in it to make it flat and buckle up the elastic belts for added support to it. Your suit case has got packed and that too in a proper way.

6. Lock It Up:-

Now when your suitcase has got packed, You can manage to lock it up and for that purpose you will have to set the password combination that you remember or if it is a key based lock, you simply need to put the key inside and lock the suitcase up. You can now happily go for the journey.


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