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How to Organize your Bedroom Better

How to Organize your Room


Often we feel that due to the hustle and bustle created in life, we are not able to keep things organized with us. Getting only a single holiday and that to getting wasted while handling with the mess up of things makes life really irksome and sometimes we feel that we should run away of it to some place that makes us rest more and deal with these things less to keep them organized and thus we are here with some tips to help you keep things around you organized in your room.

How to Organize your Bedroom Better (5 Steps)

How to Organize your Bedroom Better

1. Fold the Quilts and Mattresses Daily After Waking Up:-

In order to keep your room organized, you will need to organize the things that you bring in use in your daily lifestyle. The quilts that you use should be folded properly after using them in the morning. The mattress that you use and the bed sheet that you lay on while sleeping, should be kept properly tuck within the bed and thus organized as well.

2. Dirty Clothes In The Washing Machine And Ironed Ones In The Closet:-

Make a habit that either you will tuck the worn out clothes on the hooks that you have fixed on the walls or you will put the dirty clothes in the washing machine and not in the cupboard as these clothes might even spoil the ironing of the rest of clean clothes when you throw them in the cupboard. The ironed clothes can be put in hangers in the closet or even the cupboard.

3. Cushions and Pillows At A Proper Place:-

When you wake up in the morning, the cushions that you had picked from sofa or the bed should be rearranged at their proper places and the pillow should be kept above the folded quilt. This will make your bed and its surroundings look organized. You can manage to pick up the ashes of mosquito coil that you burnt at night so as to avoid it come under some body’s foot.

4. Organizing The Local Daily and Appliances:-

The local daily that includes your newspapers and magazines make your surroundings disorganized and thus I will advise you to keep the current and new magazines and newspaper up the table and the old magazines and newspapers either in the store or under the table so as to make them organized. You can even choose to take newspapers and magazines time to time to get shifted them in the store room and so is the case with other things.

5. Nothing To Be Put Under The Bed:-

This case is found to be the most common with men and boys that they are found to throw everything under the bed in a hustle including their slippers and floaters and sometimes even socks and tie , belt etc. Sometimes when the case is of a double bed, these things go so deeper that you are unable to take them back what becomes a treat for the bugs and insects and thus I will advise you to keep these things at their respective places so as to keep your room organized.


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