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How to Not Fall Asleep During the Night

How to Not Fall Asleep at Night


Sometimes in life, we can’t help ourselves stay awake for a specific work as we are falling asleep again and again, despite out countless efforts to stay awake and thus there comes a need to look for the measures that can help us stay awake and thus here we have come with some tips that can help you keep yourself awake for a long time.

How to Not Fall Asleep During the Night

How to Not Fall Asleep During the Night

1. Coffee Breaks:-

The first thing that I will like to advice you is to take coffee breaks. If you don’t like coffee, you can go for tea as they are proven to keep us active and help us stay awake for a long time. You can even manage to put an electric kettle in your house to help you make several cups for you while you are trying to stay awake.

2. Keep Lights On:-

The next thing that can help you to stay awake is to keep the lights ON. We stay awake in the day as it is light around us and sleep at night because all the lights are switched off. You can manage to switch on all the lights so that it seems to you that there is still the day and you might stay awake for long.

3. Stay Sitting Rather Than Lying:-

Lying on your bed can make you lazy and added comfort can make you sleep rather. Stay standing or sitting rather than lying out on your bed. Don’t even try to take the support of walls as even it may make you lazy as well. You should sit straight and you may even manage to wash your eyes time to time with splashes of water to help you stay awake.

4. Take A Walk:-

If you feel sleepy in between, you can manage to take a walk of your property. This will help you stay awake or when you go to wash your eyes with splashes of water, you can manage to take a round that time also.

5. Alarms And Reminders:-

Set enough alarms and reminders to help you stay awake. Set a reminder for every ten minutes and an alarm for every half an hour. Keep your phone on loud speaker mode so that if you feel sleepy in between, the ringtone of the gadget may make you wake up again.

6. Take A Warm Shower:-

If you still feel it impossible for you to stay awake, just go to the bathroom, turn on the geyser and take a warm water shower. Warm water shower can help you a lot to stay awake. You can practice this habit when you feel it impossible for you to open your eyes.

7. Stay Active:-

Stay active and don’t take a support as taking supports can even make you lazy rather. You should try to do things in an active manner. If somebody else is also working besides you, you both can advice each other to keep a notice over each other and wake you up the moment one amongst you sleeps.


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