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How to Not Be Jealous of Others Lives

How to Not Be Jealous of Others Lives


Jealousness can be defined as a trait of one’s personality because of which he or she experiences a fear or insecurity. This can be because of the loss of a position, the loss of love, the loss of any physical commodity or simply any other thing. Jealousness is basically just an emotion. This word refers to one’s thoughts and feelings in general. You can experience added feelings like that of anger, resentment, inadequacy, helplessness etc. in such a situation. In order to not be jealous of others, you just need to keep a control over these feelings and you get sorted. If you still find yourself unable to do so, following are the tips which can be bought into use:-

How to Not Be Jealous of Others Lives

How to Not Be Jealous of Others Lives

1. Keep Your Emotions Calm:-

Keep your emotions calm. The emotions which come along with jealousness can often make you a criminal. I have seen it in most of the cases that the one who makes a plan out of jealousness is always the one who falls a prey to crime. In many cases of unintentional murders, the cause behind death is always the feeling of jealousness from one side out of which a person pushes a person or uses something to hit the other party and ultimately the other party dies. Keeping your emotions calm in such a time can spare you from all these circumstances.

2. Don’t be angry:-

Anger is the wife of jealousness. When you are jealous, you would also be angry and if you are not angry, you can’t stay jealous. Anger and jealousness are in a perfect love relationship with each other. If you can control your anger, and if you can stay happy, I can give you a guarantee that you won’t be jealous of anyone. Always remember that lie survives less than truth and the one who digs a ditch for other is always the one who falls first in it.

3. Let Go with Hard Work:-

Suppose if someone gets what you actually deserved, you should never feel jealous of the other person and instead you should let go the moment proving yourself with hard work. There was one of my friends in school time who was betrayed by a girl for their school project. She used his project writing her name on it and submitted it for exams while he was left helpless and jealous at that time. He worked again on another project later on and this time the project was so successful that it won first position in the class. Same can happen with you as well and thus if anyone achieves something because of you, you should not feel jealous as just the reward has passed and not your intellectual property.

4. The One who belongs to you will obviously come back:-

In case of love relationships, one feels jealous when he or she watches his/her love with someone else. Just keep calm in such a time as if your partner really belongs to you and if your love is really a true and pious one, your partner is sure to come back. If he/she does not come back, they really did not deserve your love at all. Patience always bears a better fruit and thus you should wait for the right time instead of feeling jealous.


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