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How to Not Be a Sloppy Kisser

How to Not Be a Sloppy Kisser


A sloppy kisser is the one who kisses using excess saliva while kissing. Such a person will also use his tongue keeping it out of the mouth and some people really enjoy such kind of kissing. The problem with such a kind of kissing is that the other person has to wipe off his/her mouth several times while being kisses and this is why sometimes being a sloppy kisser is hated by one’s partner. The magic moment soon turns out to be a salivary moment if your partner complains about your way of kissing. If your partner hates your sloppy way of kissing, here are some ways which can be bought in use to prevent yourself from being a sloppy kisser:-

How to Not Be a Sloppy Kisser

How to Not Be a Sloppy Kisser

1. Be well groomed while kissing:-

Keep your breath steady and slow. A perfect kisser knows exactly what kind of breathe pattern to be followed at what time. Besides this you should be well groomed and you should hold your girl in a tilted kind of position while kissing.  Even if you are using your tongue, just let it follow the outline of her teeth and not ahead than that.

2. Keep saliva checked:-

Most of the people who complaint their partner to be a sloppy kisser complaint this because of their saliva which gets released in an access amount while kissing. You should keep your saliva in check while kissing.  Take short breaks within your kissing schedule so as to swallow and breathe each time you continue back again.

3. Have a comfortable position while kissing:-

You should try to make your partner feel comfortable as much as you can while kissing. Use your hands to keep their face towards you and keep playing with their facial skin, their hair, the skin of their shoulder etc with the touch of your upper lip in between.

4. Monitor the behavior of your tongue:-

The best way to avoid being a sloppy kisser is to monitor the behavior of your tongue and to convert it accordingly. Your tongue should savor the lip before going inside in order to explore your partner’s mouth. Be aggressive when you think your partner is ready and then mute for some time when you think your partner needs to take a breath.

5. Know when you are going wrong:-

Know when you are exactly going on with your approach of kissing. Keep your mouth open wide and try to arrange your lips perfectly with your partner’s lips. Keep changing the direction and keep your partner cuddled while doing this.

6. Stay slow and in control:-

Stay slow but controlled to be a perfect kisser. Just keep your movements steady, slow and learn from your partner’s reactions. Sometimes having a talk with your partner about the ways that you need to change about your kissing ways can also prove to be beneficial while kissing. It is not a matter of being shy as to ask anything is always better than being called a sloppy kisser.


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