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How to Multi-Monitor Setup

How to Multi-Monitor Setup


Multi-monitor setup refers to the process where we turn the output from a single C.P.U depicted on multiple screens. For this purpose, we can bring in use the desired connectors and cables to make a connection and hence the result that we get on both the screens will be the same. We cannot just use a single CPU with multiple screens, but we can even use a single screen with multiple CPU’s. If you still are not getting what I am trying to convey, the following tips can be bought into use:-

How to Multi-Monitor Setup

How to Multi-Monitor Setup

1. Making A Cable & Monitor Connection:-

Almost all the computers can be connected to a particular screen. For example, if I talk about my computer’s C.P.U, it has a few ports at its backside and these same ports can be bought into use to make multiple screen connections.  Your computer might have a DVI port, a VGA port or an HDMI port depending on the size of pins that it has. Just double check the name of ports provided with your computer and use a designated cable of the same configuration to make connections of your computer with one of several monitors.

2. Applications like Team Viewer:-

There are applications like team viewer and many other such software which enable you to reach a particular computer’s screen while sitting on any other computer. Such software were initially made for the companies to be able to monitor what their employees were doing on their computer screen and to assist them with the problems on their computer sets, but even you can use one such software to make multiple screen interfaces.

3. Using Two Computers within Just One Screen:-

To use two computers within the same computer screen is not very much new. The monitors and screens like LG 29EA93 or Philips 19DP6QJNS Two-in-One Monitor and the ones with a 21:9 format ultra wide display or pip option allow you to have multiple screens within the same monitor screens enabling you to view multiple screens within the same monitor.

4. Using Multiple Screens with a Single C.P.U:-

Suppose if you are using a laptop with VGA port present in its port location portion, you can place a vga monitor by the side of your table to connect the laptop with a VGA cable connecting one of its heads with the monitor and the other head with a VGA cable. Most of the LCD screen TV’s rather also have this VGA port present at their back side and thus you can make connection of your computer/laptop with such screens by finding the perfect connector port and cable making connections with them.

5. Choose the Right Kind of Cables:-

If you are still not able to make multiple monitor connections, this might be a fault of ports or connectors. To use multi-monitor setup always requires you to use a multi-connector and cables for making a particular connection. The choice of right kind of screen output cables and sound output cables is very much crucial and essential in this direction.


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