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How to Modify a Beyblade

How to Modify a Beyblade


Beyblade can be taken as a plastic made spinning top kind of toy that was actually developed and marketed by Takara Tomy who first released it in the year 2000 and then it came in fashion with Beyblade cartoon shows being shown on television sets after it. Children soon became a fan of it and thus to have a Beyblade was a dream come true for every child soon. People soon begin modifying their Beyblade to have competition in the market trend and so was the case with Beyblade fans and users as well. In case you wish to go for the modification of your Beyblade, the tips that we are mentioning here may benefit you a lot regarding this purpose.

How to Modify a Beyblade

How to Modify a Beyblade

1. Get Familiar with the Basic System of a Beyblade:-

If you have got a first generation Beyblade, It may have a bit chipped, an attacking ring, the weight disk and blade base. You may choose to make experiments with one of these parts specifically after getting the requisite knowledge about these parts first.

2. The Ones With Magnetic Spin Gears:-

If you have got a slight advance version of Beyblade, It may have a magnacore system or the magnetic spin based system and in such a case you are advised to go for the modification of either the base of the outer body can be painted or decorated so as to modify it. I won’t recommend you make much of the changes in this case as it has been noticed that these kinds of Beyblade are best used as it is.

3. Get the Knowledge about the Engine-Gear System:-

Besides all those factors that we have described earlier for you, you are also requested to get the requisite knowledge about the engine-gear system as well. This one is the system that decides the speed of a Beyblade and when you get aware about it in a better sense, you are able to make the best modification out of it.

4. The Way Beyblade Gains Motion:-

Besides the engine-gear system, you should also be accustomed with the motion of Beyblade as well. The way a Beyblade gain motion is the first and foremost thing that is likely to be affected with modification and thus you are advised to double check this system as well.

5. Better You Go For the Professional Approach:-

In case you feel doubtful about any of the systems that we mentioned above, you should never try to go for the self modification of your Beyblade and instead you should try to go for it with the help of a professional who knows simply all the aspects of Beyblade modification and thus with his help, you will be able to modify your Beyblade in a flawless way.

6. Go for the Modification:-

Else if you yourself have got the requisite information about the various parts of a Beyblade, you may even choose to go for the self modification of it as well. Simply watch out some Beyblade modification videos out from YouTube and then begin it yourself.