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How To Milk Feed A Pumpkin

How To Milk Feed A Pumpkin


A pumpkin is a large sized vegetable that is bought in use for making many sweets and cooked vegetables. Milk is loaded with vitamins, minerals and proteins. Pumpkin needs a variety of minerals and vitamins in order to grow to full heavy and large size. In order to make a pumpkin gain full size, we milk feed it. By milk feeding a pumpkin, we make it get heavier and bulky with each day. Milk is also rich in calcium content which makes the pumpkins healthy and good for eating. In order to make a pumpkin large and nourishing enough, there is a tradition to milk feed a pumpkin and this approach is being followed since ages. In order to milk feed a pumpkin, you can follow these simple steps:-

How To Milk Feed A Pumpkin

How To Milk Feed A Pumpkin

1. Use It Like Any Other Fertilizer:-

In order to milk feed a pumpkin, there is no special way to bring pumpkin in contact of milk and instead you can just fill it up in your fertilizer can to sprinkle or spray it like any other fertilizer in the fields. The contents of milk will thus reach the soil and the roots of pumpkin will soon grab the nutrients present in it.

2. Just Add It to Your Jar and Sprinkle:-

If you do not know how a fertilizer is sprinkled, you can simply fill in a jar with 1/4th portion of milk and 3/4th portion of water. This solution can then be added with a teaspoon of sugar and then you can use the jar to sprinkle a suitable amount of this solution around the root portion of your pumpkin plants to make them gain some of its nutrients.

3. The Other Such Liquids Can Also Be Added:-

It is never mandatory that you feed your pumpkins with milk only, but instead you can use the other substitutes like cream, tea leftover, coffee leftover etc along with the cooked/uncooked vegetables left after eating mixing them to this area sprinkling some amount of milk over them.

4. Use a Lidded Jar:-

Instead, you can bring in use, a lidded jar or jug with a hole in it or a narrow opening in order to fetch milk to your pumpkins. The narrow opening will just allow a suitable amount of milk to reach the soil at a single time. The amount of milk taken is always smaller than the amount of water added to it. You can also sprinkle the pumpkins directly with this solution sprinkling it on the top rather than adding it just to the soil.

5. Water the Pumpkin with One Cup Milk Each Day:-

My granny used to milk feed her pumpkins. Our fields were located near the river Yamuna in India. She used to pour up one cup of milk mixed with three cups of water daily in each of her pumpkin beads. This was done to ensure that the pumpkins get bulky and massive enough without treating them with any kind of fertilizer. You can also follow this approach in order to ensure proper growth of your pumpkins.


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