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How to Merge PDF Files

How to merge pdf Files


The files with a .pdf extension are called the PDF files. Often these files are read only and can be opened and accessed with the help of a PDF reader. Often when the publishers want to create a copy of their file that can be read only and there can be no changes made to it, they go for building it in this file type to prevent much of the users from editing it and often when the network connection for the file conversion is slow, they make the PDF files in a small sizes or you may say in a small length of data which can later be merged to form a single PDF file. In case you have got small few PDF files that you need to merge, you may choose to go for the tips that we are mentioning here.

How to merge pdf Files

How to Merge PDF Files

1. Rename the PDF Files To Be Merged According To the Serial Number for Easy Access:-

This initial step is for the user’s convenience and should be followed for a better merge of PDF files. Simply rename the PDF files that you have according to the number in which they are to come one after the other. This will make you have a better idea which file is placed at which number and thus will prove to benefit you while you go for the merge.

2. Get the PDF Merge Software Downloaded in Your Device:-

Now in order to merge the PDF files, you will need to download a good PDF merge software in the device that you are using. Simply search the playstore for the PDF merge software if you are a smart phone user or else Google it for better search results with a computer device.

3. Run the Software:-

Now, after the software has been downloaded, you will either find it in the download folder in the documents option or else you may simply open up the downloads category in your browser to look for it. Simply run the software after you find it and then click the install or run button afterwards.

4. Select the PDF Files to Be Merged According To the Serial Number:-

Now, after the software gets installed and run, you will be required to select the files that you need to merge according to the sequence of numbers that you named them with. The files should be selected in an exact symmetry and thus selecting them according to the serial number, you will be able to merge them in a better way.

5. Switch On The Internet Connection If The Procedure Requires Data Connection:-

In some of the cases, you may be required to switch on the data or internet connection so as to go for the better merge of files as some of these are based on the websites for the conversion approach that makes the usage of internet connection so as to merge the files.

6. Click on the Merge Button:-

Now, after the files have been selected, your job is simply finished and you just need to make a click on the merge button now. Clicking on the merge button this way, the PDF files will get merged and you will be able to locate them in the dedicated folder made for it.


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