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How to Memorize Your Song

How to Memorize a Song


To memorize a song refers to the way of cramming and learning a song for presenting it on stage or anywhere else. Some people learn it simply for sing along games and for karaoke. Memorizing a song is not a difficult task till you take interest in it. If you take the song to be boring, you can’t ever memorize it. The best way to memorize a song is to repeat it one after the other taking interest in its lyrics. If you have to present a particular song somewhere and you are finding it difficult for yourself to be able to memorize that song, following are the tips which will help you in the same:-

How to Memorize Your Song

How to Memorize Your Song

1. Watch Its Video Edition:-

We learn something better if we watch its video. If I ask you to learn a chapter of science, it will be tough for you to learn it even after cramming the same chapter for hours but instead if I make you watch a movie and then I ask you a question from that movie, there are maximum chances that you will come up with the right answer. This is why I am advising you here to watch out the video edition of song that you wish to memorize as something watched in the format of video is memorized earlier than the other approaches.

2. Keep Listening to it:-

Download an mp3 file of that particular song and keep listening to it while roaming on the roof top with earphones plugged in. Even if the song is not available on internet for downloading, you can record it in your own voice to keep listening to it. You will be able to learn that song soon like this.

3. Make Sure you sing it rightly:-

Some people really make hazards while singing a song. They start speaking right words initially but then they start something else. For example if you begin saying “good”, it becomes “doog” after a few repetitions and then it becomes “oog” after certain more repetitions. I will advise you to keep a script in hand to avoid spelling or pronunciation errors.

4. Record Your Voice and Sing It Again:-

Sing the song while reading it from the script and then record your voice. Sing it again while keeping the earphones plugged in. Repeat the lyrics of your song after the voice recorded in your song recorder and follow the same approach multiple times. You will soon be able to memorize the song.

5. Mirror Face Off:-

Here comes the time for mirror face off. Stand in the front of mirror and start repeating the song. Begin speaking the lyrics line after line and omit errors as much as you can. Work out also on your expressions if you have to present the song on stage.

6. Try to Write the Lyrics yourself:-

Last approach that needs to be followed here is to try writing the lyrics yourself. There will come a time when half of the lyrical sentences will be on your finger tips and you will be able to write them on the sheet of paper placed in front of you. Now try to write crammed lyrics as faster as you can and keep speaking them sideways with your mouth. The song will get memorized.


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