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How to Meet a Soldier

How to Meet a Soldier


A soldier is someone who protects the boundaries of nation from anti-human or anti social elements. They guard the boundaries from terrorists and unwanted elements. For example, a person from the army is called a soldier. Most of the women dream their life partner as a soldier as soldiers are a personality of bravery as well as power. They are true patriots and thus they are loved by everyone. It is rather a natural and universally proven fact that men look really good when they are in uniform. If you wish to meet a soldier, following are the tips which will help you in the same:-

How to Meet a Soldier

How to Meet a Soldier

1. Take the Help of Websites:-

There are many online websites like,,  etc. which offer you online dating options with soldiers. You can click any of these links to open these dating websites in your browser. Just make an account and then start chatting to ask for a meeting or dating.

2. Reach the Places of Postings:-

Soldiers are most often posted in places where law and order is not maintained or they are posted on the national boundaries where a country shares its borders with the neighboring nation. These places are not in reach of everyone and thus you should either be the relative of a defense person or you should be a person of approach or a media reporter. Just find any single chance to visit such place and you can meet many soldiers in a single time.

3. Purchase a Flat/Home near a Military Base:-

There are many places with military base camps already set up in them. Mark such places on a map and then make a tour plan to visit all these places one by one. You will meet many soldiers at such places and who knows when you might find your prince charming in one of them.

4. Find A Soldier’s Profile on Facebook:-

Many soldiers these days are also showing their interest in social networking websites to connect with their near and dear ones like the normal people do and thus you can look for all such facebook profiles in order to send a friend request and then to get indulged in chatting session with a particular soldier when he is available.

5. Make Friends with People in Military:-

Another way to meet soldiers is to make friends with people in military or to engage you in the business of taking interviews for a particular video or magazine. Such people often keep visiting soldiers for talking with them. You can even plan making a short documentary taking permission from defense authority to meet soldiers in order to make a documentary on their life.

6. Reach a Soldier’s Canteen:-

Soldier’s canteen is where soldiers and their families make shopping. You can visit one such canteen or solder’s restaurant in order to meet soldiers. Meeting a soldier can be easy if you follow the travelling route of any soldier bus or vehicle. You can also visit the places with international boundaries or glaciers like Siachin in order to find soldiers there.


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