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How to Masturbate Women

How to Masturbate Women


Masturbation is the sexual stimulation of women’s genitals for sexual arousal or sexual pleasure. You can do this by entering a finger in her vaginal area, but this follows a sophisticated manner. This stimulation may involve your hands, fingers and even sex toys or vibrators and everyday objects and vegetables. Masturbating a woman includes a lots of care to be taken from your side as else she can be complaining about it. Women can masturbate in a lot of ways and you can make them masturbate in many varied manners. Here we are explaining some ways in which it can be achieved:-

How to Masturbate Women

How to Masturbate Women

1. Get her in mood:-

First of all make the woman relax so that she may be able to come in the mood. Ask her to have a warm water bath or to have a glass of wine. This will really prepare her for masturbation. Now turn off her phone so that there may be no distraction. Carry her in your arms now and take her to your bed. Make her lie on her back and make her legs bent and spread apart. The feet can be positioned on ground in this time.

2. Go for foreplay and make her hot:-

Now go for foreplay. This will be the time when you will remove her clothes one by one kissing her parts of body in a passionate manner. Lick parts of her body and make her feel really hot. Run your hands on her body and linger along the areas that are more responsive to touch than others. Once the women get hot, you can make her completely nude.

3. Take her clothes out:-

Now take off her under garment and then rhythmically stroke different parts of her vulva. In the same circular way, use movements of your fingers around her labia and clitoris. Apply pressure, speed and motion with your fingers in order to make her achieve tremendous ecstasy. Place one of your fingers on her private part and just keep rubbing it like this.

4.  Rub in a circular motion:-

Keep rubbing her vagina like this only. Apply circular motions of your finger while playing with it. Some men even use their tongue to lick their women’s private area in this step, but that will be done according to one’s personal priorities. The same approach is followed when a woman herself is trying to masturbate.

5. Use devices of masturbation:-

These days different sex toys or masturbation devices have also arrived in the market. I heard once from my friend that he used an electric brush when his wife needs to masturbate. You can use different kinds of touch like stroke, tickle, knead, pinch, press, pull etc. To pull your women’s genitals in this approach.
If you should use a single finger or multiple fingers, it all depends on your personal choice and your partner’s bearing capacity.

6. Fantasizing and masturbation:-

Women often choose fantasy as their mode of achieving masturbation. Same is done by men when they masturbate. The women should imagine the sexiest male she knows in order to masturbate better as it generates sexual fantasies and takes you to the top level of excitement making your women masturbate better.


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