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How to Mask THC in Urine

How to Mask THC in Urine


The people who have become habitual of taking drugs like marijuana often fall a prey to guilt when their employers wish them to go for a urine test.  There is a metabolite called THC which easily gets detected to be present in our urine when we go for a urine test and thus in order to check that a person is taking a specific drug or not, we have a urine test. In order to pass that test despite of taking drugs, you can mask the THC metabolite content present in your urine. In order to mask the THC metabolite content present in your urine, you can bring the following tips in use:-

How to Mask THC in Urine

How to Mask THC in Urine

1. Increase your intake of water, juices and fluids:-

First of all, I will advise you to start taking enough liquids, juices, water and fluids. Fluids get best absorbed in the body and they dilute the concentration of THC metabolite present in the urine. Drinking plenty of such substances ensures that the “THC” content gets washed away with urine and we are not caught by a urine test.

2. Take mineral supplement of zinc sulfate:-

The mineral content of Zinc sulphate can also save your skin against level of THC in your urine. Zinc attached to drug molecules through the process of chelation screening them from urine and diverting them to feces. You can thus take a mineral supplement of Zinc Sulfate in order to mask level of THC in your urine.

3. Tampering of The Samples:-

If you have already undergone a urine test with results awaiting to be arrived soon, the best available approach in such a time will be to tamper with the samples getting a tie-up made with the peon or compounder of that particular testing firm. Though tampering with the samples can be risky sometimes, but still people practice it in order to save their skin against level of THC present in their urine.

4. Improper Temperature Conditions:-

Improper temperature conditions prove to be your good friend in case you wish to make tempering with the samples. Urine requires a storage temperature of 90-100 degrees in order to test it. If the temperature gets above or below this specified limit, the testing unit will dispose off your urine sample and you will be asked to submit another sample of your urine.

If you have undergone a single urine test and if you think that you have consumed enough amount of fluids to wash away the level of THC in your urine, you can make setting with any person related to your urine testing unit in order to report improper temperature conditions for your sample of urine so that they may ask you for another sample disposing off the old sample and thus you will have enough time to save your skin against the level of THC in your urine.

5. Start Taking Body Cleansers and Detoxifiers:-

Meet an expert of medicines and ask him to give you a cleaner or detoxifier substitute. Start consuming vegetables and fruits with detoxifying properties and avoid anything which is rich in the level of any drug. Avoid smoking or taking alcohol and soon the level of THC in your urine will get masked automatically.


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