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How to Marry a Muslim Girl Legally

How to Marry a Muslim Girl Legally


Islam is the second most practiced religion in India after Hinduism and acquires about 13.5 percent of the country’s population. In contemporary world, where all the types of people study and live together irrespective of their religion and caste, they fall in love irrespective of religion. In order to marry a Muslim girl, you need to follow the procedure that I am mentioning here in this article:-

How to Marry a Muslim Girl Legally

How to Marry a Muslim Girl Legally

1. Religion Change:-

In order to marry a Muslim girl, the main thing that Muslims accept is to go for a “NIKAH” and to do that, you will have to change your religion and accept Muslim religion. The procedure of marriage is made in front of a Malawi or Kaaji and the marriage proofs are written in Urdu.

(I) The Procedure of “Nikah”:-

The procedure of “NIKAH’ involves to change your religion first in front of the religious man associated with ISLAM what we call “kaji” or “Maulavi”. You have to accept ISLAM and then you have to accept the rules of ISLAM. When you accept the rules of Islam, you are free to marry or to go for a “Nikah”. In Nikah basically a curtain is placed in between the man and the bride and both are asked if they like each other or not. The holy men associated with the marriage asks both if they agree to the marriage three times and they have to answer “QUBOOL HAI” each time they are asked or if they want to refuse, they can even refuse and say “ QUBOOL NAHI”. If both the parties accept for the marriage, they can live with each other happily.

(II) Leave Your Own Religion:-

Only the change of the religion is not the thing. You even need to forget your own religion and accept general Muslim rules and practices. You have to read the holy book of Quran daily and you need to attend prayers at mosques.

2. Court Marriage:-

The benefit of religion change is that the bride’s family accepts the groom without any objection and the girl is not deprived of the Muslim society, but now let’s talk about the another side of the coin, If the boy does not wants to change his religion, Muslims and their religion won’t ever permit for this marriage and both will have to run away from each other seeking for court marriage which I am explaining here.

(I) Police Protection:-

The first thing that you will need to follow is to reach the nearest police station and reach the police station. You will need police protection in order to avoid any case of religion related Honor killing or you can even try to settle at any far off place. With police help and you can get your marriage registered at the nearest court.

(II) Stay Away:-

The last thing that you will need to do now is to stay away from the society where the girl belongs to. You need to stay happy in your own world and stay away for quite some time from everything that is likely to reveal your identity to others. Keep changing your identities.


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