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How to Make Yourself Sleep Instantly

how to make yourself sleep instantly


In this life full of hustle and bustle, one is likely to get tired, but most of us are getting insomniac day by day because of regular usage of smart phones till late night and because of late night internet chatting. One is very much likely to be unable to fall asleep with such a life schedule and thus sometimes we are likely to find ourselves in such a situation that it gets harder for us to fall asleep even if we are tired. People in such a time start depending on sleeping pills which again makes their situation pathetic as it is itself a kind of addiction where a person finds himself totally unable to fall asleep without the dosage of pills. In order to make yourself fall asleep faster in such a time, the following tips can be bought into use:-

how to make yourself sleep instantly

How to Make Yourself Sleep Instantly

1. Have a Cold Bath:-

Most of the websites on internet ask you to have a “hot bath” in order to have a better and faster sleep but here we won’t ask you to have a hot bath and instead we will advise you to have a cold bath. We especially went for a survey in order to determine if a person sleeps better with a hot water bath or cold water bath. The results were really surprising. Hot water bath increased the temperature of a person’s body and he was able to sleep later than a person having a cold bath as his body temperature got cooler after having a bath in cold water.

2. Have a Milk Drink:-

Secondly goes the historical and most accepted way of enhancing sleep. Mix some turmeric in milk or heat the milk to make it Luke warm and then have it while going to bed. You will experience better and faster sleep as compared to other days.

3. Visualization as a Sleeping Medicine:-

Visualization acts as the best sleeping medicine. Just lie on your bed and imagine that you are in a world of dreams where you can do anything. Meet fairies, explore mountains and play with snow. You won’t even realize when you went to the world of sleep from world of visualization.

4. Ventilation should also be proper:-

Proper ventilation of a room acts as another working way of enhancing sleep and for making it faster. Sleep in an air conditioned room if possible. Relax your muscles in a comfortable environment and use pillow if possible. You can use multiple cushions to make yourself comfortable in bed.

5. Exercises for Better Sleep:-

Lie on your left and then start breathing deep with one of your finger on the right nostril. Begin it slowly. You will find it to make your sleep faster with regular usage. Second exercise includes you to lie on your back and then take a slow and deep breath in your nose while squeezing it tightly. If none of these approaches proves to help you, just pick up one of your text book and start reading it. This is sure to make you sleep faster as mostly we all hate books.


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