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How to Make your Teeth Perfectly White

How to Make your Teeth Whiter


There are four types of teeth in our mouth, namely the incisors, canines, molars and pre-molars. Teeth are the most essential part of our mouth in a way that it helps us chew our food, break it down and mix up saliva with it. The teeth are covered with a tooth enamel that can be determined as the protective covering of our teeth and which prevents our teeth from the external agents. You need to clean your teeth in order to maintain oral health and thus here we have come with some tips for you to clean your teeth in a proper manner with some tips that I am mentioning here in this article.

How to Make your Teeth Perfectly White

How to Make your Teeth Perfectly White

1. Treatment of yellowness:-

First of all, I will advise you to go for clearing the yellowness of your teeth. You can use some good sensitive tooth cleaner for this purpose or you may even choose to use cotton-vinegar approach for doing so. You can even seek for some aayurvedic medicine as well.

2. Treatment of the tooth bacteria:-

There is a bacteria that lives inside the gap between our teeth that makes our gums swell and eats up the protective covering of our mouth as well. You can go to some dental clinic in order to get this bacteria removed to get healthy teeth. You can even choose to get the pores in your teeth filled with some filling agent as well.

3. Home remedies:-

There are some home remedies like mustard oil plus common salt or baking soda plus mustard oil that you can use as a home remedy in order to clean your teeth. You can even choose to go for the aayurvedic approaches as well.

4. Tooth powder:-

There are certain types of tooth powder or dental powder that you can purchase from market in order to clean your teeth. You can even choose to go for herbal tooth powder as well as chemical tooth powder in order to go for added cleaning approaches.

5. Tooth paste:-

You are advised to do brushing of your teeth daily using tooth paste and tooth brush. Choose a tooth brush that comes equipped with a tongue cleaner as well. It is better if the bristles are criss cross in order to get them to every corner of your mouth. You just need to put the paste on your tooth brush now and go for the further cleaning. You are advised to brush your teeth daily two times. Firstly, in the morning after waking up and second before going to bed at night in order to maintain the oral health.

6. Gargle:-

You can even choose to do gargle with some common salt put in a Luke warm glass of water. This cleanses your mouth and maintains oral health. You can even manage to purchase some good mouth wash in order to do so. Remember to do it every time some food particle gets stuck in your teeth. This prevents the germs from spreading and prevents oral cavities as well.


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