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How to Make Windmill Electricity

How to Make Windmill Electricity


“Windmill” if we break this name in two parts elaborating the meaning of this world, we will be left with a mill that works with the power of winds and same is the scientific meaning of a windmill as it is simply a mill or power generator which brings in use the power of blowing winds in order to generate electricity. The power of blowing winds at some places is really very much high and winds at such places blow in speed of kilometer per hour.  On such places, we can fix a windmill in order to use the power and force of those winds to generate electricity as wind makes no harm to anything and it is rather a renewable and conventional source of power. Here are some steps using which you can easily generate power with a windmill:-

How to Make Windmill Electricity

How to Make Windmill Electricity

1. Make the Physical Windmill Structure:-

Make the physical structure of a windmill with a base fixed with blades on a piece of paper with specifications of each part depicted on the diagram. Show an outlet for the turbine and small components that need to be attached. You can even divide this diagram in several sections or portions so as to be able to build your windmill in a better way.

2. Use Blades Easy to Be Rotated By Wind:-

The blades of your windmill play an important role in production of energy out of your windmill. You can make your windmill blades cutting them from a PVC pipe or you can even build them out of metal sheets following a pre-planned diagram of construction.

3. Connect the Structure with a Turbine:-

Now we will work on building the base. The base is nothing but a chamber with enough space in it to keep wires. The top portion of a windmill is attached with the blades and when these blades move, the turbine pipe connected with the down portion also starts rotating. The rotating turbine will make generator function and soon electricity will be produced.

4. Position the Apparatus on A Place with Winds:-

In order to establish a wind power plant on a specific place with high flow of winds, you will need a special permission from the government of that area. You can build a test windmill at home following any criterion making choice of any building material, but when we talk about professional wind energy production, we have to follow all the norms, rules and regulations for set-up prescribed by the unions.

5. Let the Wind Mill Blade Rotate the Turbine:-

The approach while making electricity with windmill will be really simple. The turbine will be connected with a generator and rotating turbine will produce kinetic energy making mechanical components of the generator functional and this in turn will generate electric power. The wind mill blades are rotated by moving winds and as soon as the blades of wind mill start moving, even the rest of apparatus attached with the wind mill becomes functional. This functioning brings about the production of energy and soon we get benefited in the form of electricity generation.


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