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How to Make Windmill Blades

How to Make Windmill Blades


A windmill is a mill that uses the power of moving winds to create energy or power from it. It is basically a machine which converts the energy of moving winds into rotational energy by the means of blades attached to it and thus the turbine attached to the windmill generates power. There are many areas with significant high speed of moving winds and you can use a windmill in such areas for power generation. A wind mill functions because of its blades and thus if you make something wrong with the blades of a windmill, its entire functioning will get disrupted. In order to make wind mill blades, you can follow the following steps:-

How to Make Windmill Blades

How to Make Windmill Blades

1. If you are making it for a School Project:-

If you are making a windmill for some school project, you can keep it small enough. For small windmill you will need small blades which can be made by crafting any water bottle or even a plastic/tin can. You can even make it with a cardboard sheet if the model is not a working one.

2. Real Life Wind Mill Blade Material:-

In order to build a real life windmill, you will need real life blades which can be made either with thick tin sheets or with PVC plastic cutting and molding it in a desired manner. One approach for building such blade is to cut it off from a PVC sheet and the other approach includes you to mold melted plastic in order to give it shape of desired windmill blades.

3. PVC Windmill Blades:-

We will have to note down the shape, size and angle of windmill blade first and then we can trim it off from a PVC pipe of desired length using a PVC cutting tool. If you have an old windmill blade, you can bring it in use to create a mould of fan blade by keeping the blade in a vessel full of plaster of Paris. When the POP gets dried, we can remove the blade and our mould will get ready like this. This mould can later on be filled with molten plastic in order to make windmill blades in any amount.

4. Follow a Diagram while making:-

You can follow simply any of the above mentioned approaches to make a windmill blade but you should keep in mind to follow a diagram for this purpose according to your needs. If you write “wind mill blade diagram” as a keyword on Google, you will be displayed with many diagrams based on windmill blades and you can follow any of these diagrams which fulfill your requirements to choose the specifications for your windmill blades.

5. Do Not Let the Blades Be Bent:-

Even a slight bend in your blades can spoil their functioning when you will bring them in use with your wind mill and thus you should keep very much care while making/crafting your blades. Last but not the least here comes the turn to brush up your blades before fixing them. Here we will take a sandpaper and clean them properly so as to remove every sort of particles from their surface. The resulting blades can be fixed over the windmill head to make them able to rotate with the moving wind.


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