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How to Make Welt Cording

How to Make Welt Cording


Welt cording or piping is the way of finishing pillows, cushions and other such upholstery. Mostly these welt cording have a fabric cover and these can be made at home with several home based tools or equipments only. You can bring any kind of fabric in use for this purpose and you will also need a sewing machine for sewing it. In order to make welt cording for yourself, you can follow the following simple steps:-

How to Make Welt Cording

How to Make Welt Cording

1. Cut the Fabric diagonally:-

Choose a fabric for your welt cording and then cut the fabric diagonally into strips. Choose your fabric and cord size. We make welt cording with the help of strips of fabric cutting them diagonal or bias. You get stretch as needed like this. Your strips need not to be perfect, but you can make sure they are wide enough to fold over the welt cord.

2. Connect the Strips of Fabric:-

Here comes the time to connect the strips of fabric. A continuous strip of fabric is needed to connect the cord. Fold back the edge of strip pinning it to place placing the end of other strip right side down on top of the first one pinning it to place. Continue with this approach till you have one long strip of fabric. Sew the strips together.

3. Pin up the Fusing Tape/sewing machine:-

Here comes the time to pin up the fusing tape or sewing machine. Pin a fusing tape along one side of the fabric strip or use sewing machine in order to pin up the fabric. Use a hot iron on your fusing tape package. This will be done in order to fuse the tape to fabric. Remove the pins now. Peel off the paper and leave only the part which has got fused to your strip of fabric. When you use a sewing machine instead of fusing tape, just put the cord in place and sew the strips closed. Stitch close to the cord to obtain about a tight welt.

4. Cover Plain cording With a Decorative cover:-

Here comes the time to cover plain cording with a decorative cover. The cord itself is available in different diameters from size of thin strong to fat ropes. You can also find double cords as well. Uncovered cord can be places down the center of wrong side of fabric strip and some part of cord is also left past the end of strip. Use a hot iron to fuse the fabric together and continue with the entire length of fabric strip till welt cord gets completed.

5. Purpose of Making a Welt Cording:-

Seams get full of strength when we use welt. It also gives any upholstered piece a perfect finish as well as a professional look. You can use it even as a design element by using a contrasting fabric for welt.  You can also choose a specific color from mail body of fabric. If possible, also take advice from a professional so as to achieve about a perfect welt cording.


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