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How to Make Solar Panel by Own

How to Make Solar Panel at home


A solar panel is a device which is designed to absorb the sun’s light or rays in order to generate or produce electric energy from it. In order to make a solar panel, we just pack a photovoltaic module and connect it with an assembly of solar cells which is typically 6×10 in amount. Though there can be some differences ranging from one solar panel to other, but almost all the solar panels are designed to either produce heating or to generate electricity. In order to turn up or to harvest sun’s rays into some useful electric power for your house, you can also manage to build a solar panel following these simple tips that we are mentioning here:-

How to Make Solar Panel at home

How to Make Solar Panel by Own

1. Take Your Supplies:-

Our first step includes us to gather the raw materials needed for making the solar panel. This will include the ingredients like coal dust, glass, electronic circuits, generator and wires. You can purchase the cells from any shop that deals in solar cell and solar equipments/devices. Polycrystalline cells will prove to be the best option in such a case.

2. Make a Solar Panel Base:-

Here we are going to make a solar panel base. For this purpose, we will measure and cut off a board. It is better if the board is thin enough to be able to cut with a knife or blade. The board will be bought in use to place and attach the cells that we purchased in step one. The tabbing wires will be kept cut sideways. Connect one cell with the other to form a battery kind of arrangement.

3. Fixing the Cells:-

The cells will thus be fixed on this board and we will glue them up on the same place with the same arrangement. The connections with tabbing wire should be done properly connecting one cell with the other in a proper way. We will connect each row of cells this way. The row connections will be made with the help of bus wire.

4. Making the Panel Box:-

We will build the panel box in step-4. Just measure your cell panel and build it according to the dimensions with the help of ply board. Glue the panel with cells that we had made earlier. If possible, take the help of a professional solar panel maker as else you might get confused between cell fixing and wiring.

5. The Final Touch-Up:-

In final touch-up, we make wire connections with our solar panel. The final bus wire which resulted after making connections is connected to a diode now. The end with light color will be pointing towards negative end while the other end will be kept to negative of your panel. The rest of wiring will also be made like wisely. I advise you to follow a solar panel wire connection chart during this approach to avoid making the wrong kind of connections

6. The Ultimate Testing:-

We make ultimate testing of our solar panel in the last step. If any of the wire connections is connected in a wrong manner, just put on your slippers and touch the free end of wire with a tester. If light glows, it means that the wire connection is right, but there is some inner fault and if light does not glows in the tester, it means that there is some fault with the wiring connection only.


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