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How to Make Silver Jewellery in 6 Easy Steps

How to Make Silver Jewellery in 6 Easy Steps


Silver is cheaper than gold and thus is within the reach of even the common people. Silver is lustrous, sonorous, malleable and ductile but it lacks only one thing and it is that with continuous usage over a period of time, it gets slightly blackened in color which serves as a drawback but still people like to get their jewellery made using silver as a manufacturing agent and if you wish to make jewellery yourself from silver, you may make it at home following the tips that we are mentioning here.

How to Make Silver Jewellery in 6 Easy Steps

How to Make Silver Jewellery

1. Bring all the materials together:-

In order to make silver jewellery, first of all you should bring together all the needed materials like Water, Source of wax, Carving tools, small wooden blocks, Polish, sandpaper etc. and when each of the required materials has been collected at the working place, you can begin with your approach of carving out the raw silver.

2. Set Up the Furnace:-

Silver being a metal would be somewhat tough to be carved and shaped sometimes for which you should set up a furnace first of all. Simply take a portion of silver, flame it up in the furnace and then beat it up with carving tools as well as sand paper so as to give it a perfect shape.

3. Start shaping Up the Raw Silver:-

Simply taking hint from any design that you have seen earlier, try shaping up the silver in designated shape and structure carving it up with the help of carving tools. In case you wish to make it flat, simply bring the wooden blocks in use and use wax when you wish to try out the carved ring or any other jewellery structure prepared by you so that the wax may make it easy to be removed back.

4. Now Give It a Final Touch:-

Now, after the shaping has been done in a proper way, you would just be required to give a final touch to your jewellery and this will be done shaping it the final way. Simply give it every sort of clean shaping while giving this final touch and there should be no hole left in between. If you find any hole or hollow space in any part of jewellery, that may be bought again to the furnace.

5. The Designs Can Be Experimented or Copied As Well:-

Regarding the designs that you will give your jewellery, you may choose to make a design of your own as creativity is contagious and it keeps on increasing further as you experiment. The designs can also be seen online taking inspirations watching works that other have made or you may even copy the design of some other piece of jewellery kept with you.

6. Simply Polish Afterwards and Your Jewellery Is ready:-

Now, after you have given the desired shape to your work of jewellery, you would simply need to make it polished afterwards. Simply get it polished the way you want. An anti spoiling coating can also be made to cover the jewellery so as to make it stay away from getting black as the other silver products get after some time of exposure to the external environment.


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