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How to Make Noc of Plot

How to Make NOC of Plot


NOC or No Objection Certificate is a kind of certificate form that is generally made when you are selling anything to invite objections if any. This gives enough time to others to raise their voice against you if you are going against the laws or if they think that you are not the rightful owner to sell the commodity. The same happens with the plots as well. When a plot is sold, we make an N.O.C first of all and then the rest of the formalities are made. Let us discuss how this NOC is made and how it is enacted here in this article.

How to Make NOC of Plot

How to Make NOC of Plot

1. Check If the Property Is Free From Any Encumbrances:-

The first step to make an NOC is to check whether the property is free from any sort of encumbrances or not. If the property is not free from encumbrances, you are not eligible for an N.O.C but if it is clear from every sort of encumbrances, you can easily get a No Objection Certificate for making its sales.

2. Check If It Is Free and Marketable:-

There are some societies or buildings that are not free and marketable as there is no single owner of such societies and the rights to sale are reserved with another individual. In such cases, you should first of all double check and confirm if the plot is free and marketable or not and then you can go for an N.O.C.

3. Get Permission to Mortgage the Property:-

The next step follows you to get a permission to mortgage the property from its rightful owner. This step might take some time and may also consume some efforts from your side, but once accomplished, NOC is not a tough job to complete.

4. Acceptance Of Bank’s Charge on the Property:-

The next step includes you to get an acceptance of bank’s charge on the property. The bank will require you to make some formalities for this purpose and you might also require to deposit some documents with the bank as well, but once the banks give the acceptance to you; you can easily reach the estate office to get the form for NOC.

5. Get Form from UT/State Estate Office:-

Now you will need a form for NOC and this form can be obtained from the UT/State Estate Office. Once you get this form filled with your complete details, attaching the requisite documents with it and after when you make a signature declaration at the bottom of it, you can handle it to the bank.

6. Give It to the Bank:-

Now when your NOC is ready, you can simply reach the bank to handle the duly signed NOC to the concerned official. There are some places where it is not essential to get an NOC but for this purpose you should be the one and only rightful owner of your property. There are also many places where the procedure of getting an NOC for sales of a plot has completely ended and has been replaced with new clauses.


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