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How to Make Greeting Cards For Birthday and Christmas

Greeting Cards For Birthday and Christmas


A greeting card is a piece of card that comes decorated with emotional wordings featuring the essence of the day that you are planning to celebrate it with. Greeting cards can be gifted on specific occasions like birthdays, Christmas and holidays as well as anniversaries and come readily available with all greeting shops but they are just able to depict partial emotions. Real emotions are depicted with self-made cards and thus here we are explaining a perfect way for you to do so.

How to Make Greeting Cards For Birthday and Christmas

How to Make Greeting Cards For Birthday and Christmas

1. Necessary Preparations:-

The first thing that you need to do in order to make a greeting card is to make up the necessary preparations. Gather almost everything that can help you with this job, including a white sheet, sharpener, pencil, scale, posture colors, pencil colors or your crayons and everything basically that you need including sketches and alphabet stencils. Now when You have got everything with you, simply fold up the drawing sheet from middle point making it get a card like look and then make a boundary of it with pencil lightly. Draw anything that you like on the front portion or you may even choose to paste something creative on it.

2. Wishes According To The Occasion:-

In the middle portion of the greeting card, You can choose to write the wishes according to the occasion. Like suppose it is the birthday of someone, You can start by writing happy birthday with the help of marker and stencil or you may even choose to color it with multi colored sketches.

3. Emotional Touch:-

Give your card a bit emotional touch, Like suppose if it is for your mother, You can start by writing that she is the best mother in this world or if you are making it for your brother, you can write something special for him to tease him. You can get creative making patterns and writing catchy lines on it.

4. Draw Something Situational:-

You can even choose to draw something situational as well. If this one is a card to congratulate someone, You can choose to make something like two friends giving each other a hug or if it is a Deepawali greeting, You can choose to make an earthen lamp on it or if it is a Christmas card, You can choose to make Santa Clause or Christmas tree on it.

5. Touching Quotes:-

Remember to write some catchy occasional slogans or catchy theme based lines on the inner side of the card to make this memory a lifelong moment for the receiver. You can compose some good poetry yourself or you may even copy somebody else’s lines if you find them effective.

6. Creativity and Decorations:-

The rest is just to fill colors in the art that you made and make up the necessary decorations of your greeting card in a creative way. After the card gets made, You can make an envelope for it, in which you can keep the card, Stick the mouth of envelope with glue and then give it to the desired person with smile on your face and greetings from your mouth.


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