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How to Make Friends with Everyone (6 Steps)

How to Make Friends


Friends are the most beautiful part of your life. Friends have multiple benefits for all and someone has truly said,” Each and every friend is important”. Suppose you are sad, Or suppose there is a big thing you have achieved, there is a thing that you need to share with someone, A friend is that perfect “someone” whom you wish to tell all these things. Friends come with benefits and thus there comes a need to look for the approaches that can help us make friends in better ways, Some of which have been explained by us in this article.

How to Make Friends with Everyone

How to Make Friends with Everyone

1. Start exploring:-

First of all, If you are a college or School student, I will like to advise you to start talking with your classmates. Learn to help them when they need you and seek to ask them for help when you need it. This increases our bonding with others and we become friends easily. You can even choose to go to park or ground or library of your institution sometimes as there are much people at these places and who knows you may find a friend here only.

2. Go for outings:-

Asking somebody for friendship is not only the enough thing, you will have to ask them for frequent outings as well. Fix plans of picnic, study together, go for movies, do pajama parties together and take time to stay with each other. This increases your dependence on each other and boosts your friendship as well.

3. Travel to new places:-

Those who like to stay in a single room can’t ever make friends and thus it is necessary to move out. Go and travel the outer world. Try traveling to new places and meet new people. Make healthy relations with people you meet in the way and you will see that your friend circle has increased by itself.

4. Friends of Friends:-

Not just your friends but the friends of your friends can also become your friend as well. Stay indulged with your friends and talk with their friends as well. Greet everybody whom your friend comes with and always keep smiling. This will make them get friendly with you as well and they will start calling you in their parties with your friend as well.

5. Increase your Social circle:-

To get social on social networking websites is another way of increasing your friend circle. You can choose to go for the applications like Google Plus, Facebook, twitter, etc. In order to do this. Take part in chat posts and go for commenting and liking and enjoying social entertainment. The more you come in contact with new people, the more friends you get.

6. Attend parties and marriages:-

The last thing that I will advise you is to start attending marriages and parties. Those who stay limited to the boundaries of a single room can never make friends and thus you should try attending some birthday and marriage parties. Attend functions of your schools as well. The more we start attending parties, the more we come to meet new people and the more people we meet, the more our friend circles get increased.


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