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How to Make DHCP Enabled in Windows 7

How to DHCP Enable In Windows-7


Before the tile based Windows operating system version arrived in Windows-8, Windows-7 was amongst the best consumer preferred windows versions still bought in use by users. When you wish to make changes with TCP/IP settings in this window version, you have to make use of an Automated Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol which is in short depicted as automated DHCP.

How to Make DHCP Enabled in Windows 7

How to Make DHCP Enabled in Windows 7

DHCP is responsible for automated assignation of IP addresses to the computers on your network and if you wish to work with it, you have to first assign it in Windows-7 which can be done adopting the following steps:-

1. Reach the Networking Tab to Find Network Options:-

In order to enable DHCP within the network options of your computer or laptop, you will first of all have to click the start button provided at the very left hand side of your laptop. Click all program option, and then click control panel.

You will find a search box where you can type adapter in this menu. Under the Network and Sharing center, you can click “View Network Connections” to view connections in your network. This will display all the present network options on your device’s screen.

2. Reach The Properties Option Now:-

Now after reaching any specific network connection option, you have to make a right click with your mouse on the connection that you wish to change and click its properties option which will be located at last in the menu that appears on your screen after making a right click.

You should be logged into Admin mode for this purpose as it sometimes asks you to have admin permission and thus even if you are switched to some other account, you will still require an admin password. Type the password for confirmation.

3. Open up the LAN Connection Properties:-

Now you have to click LAN or Ethernet in order to open up the LAN connection properties. The screen of LAN connection will appear before you. Click LAN properties and double click the internet protocol version 4. The IP will be entered manually here.You can check the connection status by clicking now.

The process to get an IP address and DNS address is always automatic and you can assign an automated IP address by configuring your router. If you can’t still find your IP address, you can locate it by configuring your router following the next step.

4. Configuring the Router Gets Easier:-

If you are using a D-link router with your computer, all you have to do for this purpose is to open up a web browser in your computer and then enter into its address bar in order to configure the router. This address is different with different kinds of router and you can enquire/find out this combination depending on the type of router being used with your computer. This configures your router and an IP address gets automatically assigned to it.

This automatically assigned IP address can be bought in use while dealing with the LAN properties to enable DCHP in Windows-7. Following all the four above mentioned steps, DCHP gets enabled in your computer and you can make any sort of changes with the TCP/IP settings after enabling this mode.


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