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How to Make Concrete Patios

How to Make Concrete Patios


A concrete patio is basically a platform made of decorative concrete, which is generally bought in use for dining or recreation adjoining a residence. It is typically paved and transformed flat. It is nothing but a platform made of concrete slabs and thus while making a concrete patio, your approach should be to avoid making it prone to cracks and movement. The soil should be well-drained while beginning the construction so as to give it an added strength and support. If it is a sandy one, you will need to add gravels and pebbles. You have to level the land by filling soil in it and many other such measures are taken to level the land as an initial step. In order to make concrete patios, you can follow the following steps:-

How to Make Concrete Patios

How to Make Concrete Patios

1. Take the Permit:-

Most of the areas/ private cities etc. require you to contact your building department before making any extra construction and thus before you get started, you should contact your local building department to see whether a permit is required or not. You can go ahead if there is no contract required for such construction and you can await a permit if it is required for construction.

2. Prepare the Area:-

You can begin by preparing the area first of all.  Just measure from the plot like and position the slab parallel to it. Drive four stakes roughly to indicate the corners of new slab. Note down the size specifications with a mark of stake and also mark the ground slopes with the help of a leveler.

3. Set Location for Pipes:-

Third comes the time to set location for the pipes. You can monitor and mark the exact location for your pipes in this step. The type of pipe and material you choose can depend on your personal preferences. Just set the location for pipes and you can begin ahead afterwards.

4. Arrange the Building Material:-

Here comes the time to arrange building material. You will have to bring pebbles, gravels or stone in order to mix it with cement and sand. One portion of cement needs to be mixed with three portions of sand and three portions of other material. Just mix the mixture in a cement mixer and we can begin ahead.

5. The Approach for Building:-

In the previous step, we had prepared a mixture of concrete, but we could also prepare stone slabs in order to pave patios.  We could create them also with tiles, cobbles or bricks. You can use any approach that suits you the best. You can even lay down a layer of tiles above the platform built with concrete mixture afterwards.

6. Pour up the Mixture of Concrete:-

Now once you have arranged the building material and marked all locations, you can start laying rough gauze of iron bars arranging in a cuboidal connected manner. Once you make rough gauze of these iron bars, you can pour up the mixture of concrete on it to fill it up. Now here comes the time to make it flat by using a flat board or piece of plywood to smoothen the surface and you can let the patio for drying.


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