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How to Make an Electromagnet

What is an Electromagnet?


An electromagnet can be taken as a temporary magnet that is actually a part of copper wire looped up to make a solenoid in which we apply electric current so as to develop a sort of magnetic field that makes this coil behave as a magnet. These magnets are used in every second appliance in our homes and we can easily make such magnet for yourself following some simple steps.

How to Make an Electromagnet (6 Steps) - HowFlux

How to Make an Electromagnet

1. Gather up all the stuff needed:-

In order to make an electromagnet, you will need the stuff that it consists of first of all. You may need Insulated copper wire, batteries, Iron nail, Some insulation tape, etc. For this purpose and if the copper wire is insulated, I will rather advise you to remove some of the insulation from the top end so that while making the battery connections, it may not make a trouble.

2. Make the Solenoid:-

Take out approximately two to three meters of copper wire by breaking it up with the help of a wire plucking device and then start making loops from this wire in a solenoid like way. The loop of wire is called the solenoid and you can simply choose to make the loops by winding up the copper wire on an iron nail that you have to cover completely with this copper wire.

3. Make the power connection:-

Place up the batteries on an non conducting base like that of wood and then make connections of this copper loop or solenoid of yours with the help of battery touching its positive and negative in a perfect way such that the charge gets flowed through the solenoid and current gets build up through it when you make the switch be switched On.

4. Switch On the power:-

After you have made the connections bring up some iron fillings in the contact of this magnet that you have made yourself. Simply switch off the power supply after checking that the connections are perfect and then sprinkle these iron fillings in the area nearby the magnet that you have made, keep some of these iron fillings apart and some close to the magnet.

5. Check the magnetic field:-

After you have finished sprinkling the iron filings in the area of your electromagnet, you will now need to switch On the electromagnet and you will see that some of the iron fillings that you had sprinkled close to this electromagnet have got attracted to it after switching On the power supply. Now it is proven that there is a magnetic field induced in the Copper wire when you pass the charge through it. Switch off the magnet power supply now.

6. Try applying more current or Making more windings:-

After you have switched off the power supply, you now will need to wind up some more copper wire around this nail and increase the current through your magnet. After you have made some more copper wire windings on your magnet and sprinkled some more iron filings as what you did before and increased the flow of current through your magnet, you will see that when you switch it On, the iron fillings that were placed somewhat apart also get attracted to it and this means that the more you provide current and copper windings to your electromagnet, the greater will get its magnetic field and its power as well.


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