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How to Make a Scented Candles

How to Make Scented Candles


You can take candles as a solid block of wax that is made with a thread in it that is used to make a flame that keeps on glowing till the wax melts. Candles can prove to be an excellent source of light when there is no electricity and sometimes can prove to bring you happiness in the form of candle light dinner as well. Those who manufacture candles are known as chandler but they take a huge sum from your pockets to sell it and thus you wish if you could make them yourself. Well, you can make candles at home applying some easy tips that we are mentioning here.

How to Make a Scented Candles

How to Make a Scented Candles

1. Choose Wax:-

You can choose to go for some good wax type in order to make candles for yourself. Bring home some good wax that may be of type soy wax, paraffin wax or even the beeswax, all these types of wax are appropriate for making candles and you can choose any of them that is available in your area.

2. Prepare the Mounting Fixture:-

In order to make candles, you will need some fixture that you will use in order to pour the molten wax in it. The molten wax takes the shape of this fixture and this way the candle gets ready after getting it cool. You need to make these fixtures clean first of all and then choose to melt the wax.

3. Melt the Wax:-

In order to melt the wax, you will need to pour some water in a boiling utensil and boil the water. Keep some wax in a steel container and put it on the surface of this boiling water so that it does not gets sunken in water but stays floating getting the heat of boiling water. The wax will get melt this way.

4. Pour In The Fixture:-

After the wax gets converted to the molten form, you need to pour it in the fixture that you had cleaned earlier to pour the molten wax in it. The wax should be poured gently in the fixture avoiding gap if any. The wax should be properly melt before doing so and you are advised not to heat the wax directly as it may even catch flame

5. Put A Thread That Will Be Flamed:-

After you have poured the molten wax in the fixture to take the shape of candle, you need to put a thread in it that will be used for the purpose of lighting it. This thread should be put after the wax gets half frozen. Leave the fixture in the open to get the wax fully dry out.

6. Keep for Drying:-

Keep the wax as it is in the fixture on a dry place so that the wax dries out and after it gets dried out, you can take the candle out of the fixture. You can even manage to use some bottle or a glass as a fixture in order to give the candle a glass like shape. You can even choose to add some sparkles to decorate the boundaries of the glass.


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