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How to Make a Quilted Bed Cover

How to Make a Quilted Bed Cover


Quilted bed cover is a bed cover stitched in the form of a quilt. This provides added warmth and saves you against the effects of winter. It is also called a bedspread and serves as the integral part of bedrooms and conduct of d├ęcor. These are the most prominent essential in a bedroom during winters and these can be made or designed in a variety of designs. These are easy to be made at home and this the reason why people have a craze for quilted bed covers.

How to Make a Quilted Bed Cover

How to Make a Quilted Bed Cover

1. Keep in Mind the Thickness:-

First of all, you will need to make your mind about how much thickness you wish to give your quilted bed cover. Keep the thickness medium if you wish to make a quilted bed cover covering the entire bed or else you can keep it thick enough but not extra large. If you are not able to choose amongst both the options, simply keep it medium thick and medium in terms of length.

2. Measurement Of Your Bed:-

Now there comes the time to measure the length of your bed. Simply take a measuring tape and measure the length of your bed. Note down all the dimensions in order to stitch the quilted bed cover according to it. After performing both the steps that we have mentioned till yet, you can manage to set up an apparatus with stitching machine with a suitable fabric chosen for this purpose.

3. Choose The Fabric:-

As I mentioned earlier, you will need to choose a suitable fabric in order to make a quilted bed cover for yourself. This can be purchased from any handloom or any other fabric maker/ dealer. You should choose a fabric smartly. This should be warm and comfortable enough to keep you safe during winters. The fabric should have long enough to cover your bed two times.

4. Sew Or Stitch The Fabric On Front And Back Portion Of A Quilt:-

Now you have to take the fabric stitching its boundaries to the perfect length that we had noted down in the second step. Make two separate portions of these fabric covers or you can simply double up the fabric with a single stitch like we do while making a pillow cover or a quilt cover. If there is some thin quilt available with you, you can also manage to stitch this fabric on both its side to make a perfect quilted bed cover for yourself.

5. You Can Also Fill In Cotton:-

Instead of the quilt, you can also fill this fabric cover with cotton beating it up with the help of a stick and making stitches wherever necessary. The final stitch needs to be made afterwards and then you can lay it over your bed in order to check how it looks when layered over the bed sheet. There are also many books and magazines which keep coming with designs based on this project idea and you can also watch video tutorials for the same.


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