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How to Make a Garden Pot from Waste Material

How to Make a Pot for Gardening


A pot is an empty vessel that can be bought in use for sowing any plant in it. Generally, when there is no large space available for planting trees or many plants together at a single place or there is a lack of space, we use pots to sow seeds in them or to grow small plants in them. This adds to the greenery of the house and lets you grow small plants in your house even if there is no kitchen garden to plant them. In order to make a pot for your gardening needs, you can bring following steps in use:-

How to Make a Garden Pot from Waste Material

How to Make a Garden Pot from Waste Material

1. Gather All the Empty Vessels Together In One Place:-

In order to make a pot for gardening, you will first of all have to gather all the empty vessels available in your house at one place. This can include the old useless battery cabinets, water bottles, paint baskets, mugs etc.

2. Water Bottles to Make Pot:-

You can easily make a pot for yourself trimming a water bottle from its center with the help of a scissor or a knife.

  • Cut a water bottle from its center in two parts.
  • You will have two portions of the water bottle now. One portion will be having the water bottle cap and its mouth. The other will be the base portion of the bottle.
  • Take the base portion of water bottle and place the capped portion inside it in an upside down position such that the portion with cap is inside the portion of the base.
  • Fill the portion with mud.
  • Grow seeds or small plant in your pot now.
  • Bonsai Technique of growing dwarf plants suits the best for such purpose.

3. Recycle Your Inverter Battery to Make a Gardening Pot:-

A used inverter battery is nothing more than just a plastic if it has stopped functioning and if the damage is beyond repairs, you can easily use its cabinet or body as a tiny kitchen garden for yourself. Simply remove the upper top portion of your battery removing out everything from it and then fill it with mud to grow plants in it.

4. Make It Like an Earthen Pot:-

Just like a potter makes use of wet mud to shape it up and then use heating therapy to make it hard, you can also make a pot for yourself in the same way. If you have got a ready-made pot with yourself, you can also bring it into use to grow plants in it.

5. Use Iron Bars to Make Your Pot:-

Make gauze of iron bars in the shape of a pot. Fill cement and concrete mixture in between. Your pot will get ready like this. If you have got some empty useless mug or an empty paint basket with yourself kept spare at home, you can also manage to fill it with mud in order to use it as a pot for gardening. You can choose small flowering plants or small herbal plants for growing in it.


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