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How to Make a Full Day Schedule

How to Make Your Schedule


A schedule is a kind of time-table like the one we used to follow in our school time for attending the respective periods or like the passengers follow daily on a railway station or an airport. Even the trains and airplanes operate with a schedule and nothing in this world operates without a schedule. Even the air, water, moisture, sunlight, weathers etc. follows a specific schedule and thus even human existence can’t be imagined without a schedule.

How to Make a Full Day Schedule

How to Make a Full Day Schedule

A schedule makes you able to do everything in time and thus it is a must for every person. You can also prepare one such schedule for yourself in order to do everything in time and to make a schedule for yourself, you will simply need to follow the simple Steps Which We Are Mentioning Here:-

1. Consider Your Needs first:-

In order to make a schedule, first of all you should consider your basic needs from it. This should include your study time, your playing time, your outing time, your television time, your eating time, your excretion time, your sleeping time, etc. all these should be noted down on a paper to have a better idea of availability.

2. Consider Your Priorities now:-

Now comes the time to consider your priorities. Double tick the habit which is necessary for you to add in your schedule and eliminate all the others which can be rejected to save some more time for other purposes.

3. Consider where you are expected to be:-

Also, don’t forget to consider the places where you are expected to be on time. Suppose you are expected to reach school at 8:00 am, you should make your schedule to wake up at four, go for morning walk at 4:10 and to come back till 4:40. To have at bath and excretion etc. till 6:30. To eat food till seven O’clock and then move towards your  school at desired time before 8:00 am.

4. Consider Your Appointments Also:-

If you are grown enough to have appointments, say office work or an appointment with any doctor, barber, etc. there should be a perfect mention of time in your schedule for these purposes as well. If you are a sports person and you have joined a gym, sports arena or sports club etc. You can have separate time reserved for that purpose as well.

5. Organize All According To Preference:-

Now prepare a rough list of all these works according to preference and then organize them according to need as well as the availability of time as well as availability and resources. Your schedule should be made in such a way that there is enough time for everything important like studies, playing etc in it.

6. Set Them According To Time:-

Now when a rough list of your schedule has been prepared, you can organize all these as a fair list by short listing approach. Some plans might be changed for coming days and thus you should not take everything to be mandatory except exercising, food and studies.


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