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How to Make a Electric Switchboard Extension

How to Make a Switch Board Extension At Home


Sometimes, enough three pin plug switches are not there in the switch board or we have to plug-in multiple devices at the same time. Sometimes we wish to elongate the wire connection in such a way that even the devices situated far away from us can be bought into use.

How to Make a Electric Switchboard Extension

How to Make a Electric Switchboard Extension

A switchboard extension is a single solution to all these problems and it can be easily made at home. The extension boards available in markets these days cost as much as two hundred fifty rupees or two to three dollars and they do not even come with a lifetime guarantee, but here we are mentioning an easy to make an extension board at home which is totally repairable and thus comes with a lifetime operation guarantee.

1. Gather the Supplies:-

All what you need for this purpose is a wire, some switches, a fuse and a plug. You will also need some tools like a tester, a screwdriver, some nuts etc. Keep all these supplies in a single place like a table and then sit in front of it to begin your experiment.

2. Make a Wooden Cuboidal Cabinet Hollow From Inside:-

In order to place the circuit, we should first construct a cubical or cuboidal cabinet for our extension. This cabinet should be open from one side and should be hollow from inside to have enough space to place the switch board and switches.

3. Get a Switch Board with Switches Fixed In It According To Need:-

Now we have to take a board plate with some space for switches to be fixed in it. We will fix the desired switches according to need in it and then the wiring circuit will be made with the help of uncovered copper wire.

4. Affix the Wire of Appropriate Length:-

The circuit made such way should be connected with the wire that we mentioned in step one. One end of this wire will be attached directly to the circuit and the other will be attached to the fuse. Similarly, one end of the fuse will be attached to this wire and the other will be attached to circuit.

5. Affix the Wire Plug and Make Connections:-

The other end of this wire which is not connected anywhere should be attached to a three pin plug. If you have earthling arrangement enabled, the third wire is for that purpose. Simply close the cabinet so prepared with the help of nuts and then test the circuit with the help of tester switching on the power. If light glows in the tester, your perfect extension board has been made.

6. Switch On The Extension Board:-

Now, after performing the test of operation, we can try using electrical equipment with this extension board. The electrical appliance will start working properly. You can also attach a small light bulb with your extension board to give you an idea that the extension board is working on. Whenever you will switch on the power, this bulb will start glowing and you will get an idea that the extension board has been switched on.


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