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How to Maintain Diet during Gym

How to Maintain Diet during Gym


Today’s generation is health conscious. Many of us today hit out to gym to realize the fitness goals. The diet to be maintained while working out in the gym is as much important. Actually, it is given less importance by many people. But if appropriate diet is not maintained, then the pain taken during the work outs does not bear the fruits. So, it is very important to maintain appropriate diet. Following are the ways to keep oneself on the right track.

How to Maintain Diet during Gym

How to Maintain Diet during Gym

1. Get an appointment with a nutritionist-

Call a nutritionist and get an appointment. Nutritionists are experts and they understand the requirements of everyone’s body. The physiological needs vary with age, sex and type of exercise one is doing. Get a diet chart done and follow it strictly.

2. Protein rich foods and supplements-

Protein intake needs an increase when one starts hitting the gym. Normally a person with weight ‘X’ kg needs ‘X’ gm protein per day. But while one is doing work out this requirement shoots to ‘1.5 X’ gm to’2X’gm. So, conscious intake of extra proteins becomes essential. Eggs and meat and poultry can be consumed. Vegetarians may binge on Paneer and skimmed milk. Protein supplements like Whey which is milk isolate or Albumin which is an Egg derived protein can be used. But one needs to be cautious as there are many fake products in the market. One should resort to only standard brands like Optimum Nutrition, Ultimate Nutrition etc. Indian brands like Venky’s are good and comparatively cheap. Vegan Meal Plan for Bodybuilding

3. Water intake-

Adequate water intake is very essential. On an average one must consume 3 to 5 liters of water a day. Lesser water intakes may lead to kidney malfunction. Also, one may suffer cramps if one remains in a dehydrated state. Dehydration also affects the Basal Metabolic Rate, in turn taking toll on workout efficiency.

4. Pre-workout meal-

Pre workout meal is pretty important. It should consist of simple carbohydrates. These simple carbohydrates are like ready to use currency coins, and are utilized when one is doing exercise in gym. Wheat flakes or corn flakes can be consumed. One or two bananas can also help here.

5. Post-workout meal-

Post workout meal is as much important as per workout meal. Post workout meal should consist of any citrus fruit. If one has decided to take Protein supplements then one must have a scoop or two of supplement immediately after workout. Reason behind this is the protein absorption capacity of the body is maximum in immediate post workout time.


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