How To Lose Weight By Walking

Yes, losing weight by walking is possible! However, there are specific steps you must take to stimulate your metabolism and burn more fat.

Daily walking is undeniably healthy for the body. It improves breathing, muscle tone, and if you got an appropriate regime, it can lead to weight loss. Walking not only burns calories. It also makes us feel more toned and fresh. Today we are going to talk about how we can lose weight with an easy and affordable exercise, such as walking.

Walk and tighten up your body.

For many people, there is no link between walking and burning fats. However, it’s a fact that any physical activity helps the process of converting glucose, fats, and protein into energy. And this means that walking also burns the fats in our body. Mixing walking and a balanced diet ensures your weight loss easily and successfully.

Plan a one-hour walk.

Devote one hour of each day to walking. Choose comfortable clothes and shoes that will make your walk more enjoyable. Comfortable shoes are more than necessary. You may invite a friend to your one-hour walk, to motivate you, and make the time pass easier.

Set your walking rhythm.

We recommend you start with a 30-minute walks, twice a day. That way, you won’t get tired easily. After a week you may change the regime and start doing a full one-hour walking.

When we say “walk” we don’t mean walking at a slow pace. Set an intense rhythm and keep it up – that’s the key to burn fats. A good way to stimulate the weight loss process is by alternating 15 minutes of walking, followed by 15 minutes of running.

How to walk to burn fats.

You don’t need to take big steps. If you overload your muscles, you may stretch some of them. This way you will have to stop your healthy habit, which in the long run will sculpt your body. Take the usual steps.

While walking, relax your shoulders, and keep your back straight up. Do not tighten too much, but also don’t be bent over.

Take quick steps, but don’t change their size. Start at normal phase, and then start speeding up after 5 minutes.

Pay attention to the movement of your hips as you walk. The movement should be natural and smooth. You shouldn’t feel any pain or other discomfort..

Make sure you step normally. The fingers must first touch the ground.

Keep your head in a normal position. Do not look unnaturally up or down, and do not keep your eyes on your steps, as this will strain your neck unnecessarily, and you may feel pain after the workout.

Keep your shoulders relaxed all the time.

The torso must be tight and the body position – upright. Your body should be easily carried by the movement of your legs.

Keep your shoulders at 90 degrees angle. That way you will keep balance and steady pace while walking. We suggest not to keep your hands in fists – on the contrary, relax your palms.

Breathe properly.

What is meant by “properly”? Breathe with your belly. Remember that walking is an aerobic exercise. Proper breathing is key and helps so that the blood can transport enough oxygen to the organs and the muscles. Otherwise, your workout will not give you the expected results.

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