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How to Live Happy without Marriage

How to Live Happily Without Marriage


Are you still single? Does watching couples moving together around, makes you feel complexed? Do you feel unhappy that you are still single? Well, you are mistaken my friend. The best way to live happily without marriage is reminding yourself about the opportunities and advantages that you get when you are a bachelor. You have got a thousand reasons to smile and cherish. You have got all the golden opportunities to enjoy your life that a married person never gets. Yes, my friend. In life, there comes a stage when we feel that even we should get married, but then again, you can really be a happy person if you are not married yet. If you wish to know how, read the following advantages of being single.

How to Live Happy without Marriage

How to Live Happy without Marriage

1. Marriage is a Kind of Slavery:-

You have lived like a bachelor only twenty to thirty years and once you get married, you will have to spend fifty to sixty years being a husband listening to tantrums and complaints of your wife. The ratio of your enslaved life thus becomes greater than your independent life. Being single is like enjoying the golden independent days.

2. Enjoyment in being single:-

Being single, you never have to give an answer about your picnic outings, movie outings and fun hangouts. A wife will always keep on calling you to ask when you are coming home back and thus this marriage may make you feel like there is a dead man’s hanging rope around your neck.

3. Why Don’t You Pick My Phone:-

Even if you think that a wife’s asking habit can be tolerable, let me remind you about married men’s another jeopardy. A wife does not even leave a single chance to treat her husband like a murder suspect. If you get even two minutes late in reaching home, she would ask you a plenty of questions that will be enough to make you feel fed up with them.

4. Marriage Means Responsibilities:-

Getting married always means double responsibilities. Now when you are alone, all your earnings are spent on yourself, but when you will have a nagging wife in your house, the complaints and demands will always eat up your mind to get them accomplished and most of them will arrive out of your wife’s mouth.

5. Make A Career First:-

After marriage, you are indulged more than half in marital affairs. Sometimes you are busy seeing off your wife to her parental house and sometimes you are busy carrying her shopping bags. It takes not more than two or three years to become a father after marriage in most of the cases and once a child arrives, the responsibilities on your shoulders will get multiplied by three. I advise you to make your career first and deposit enough wealth for these purposes, so that responsibilities may not feel like a burden afterwards.

6. Live Life like Anything:-

When a wife is around you, she demands an explanation for everything but when you are single, you get thousand new reasons to live like anything and that too without an explanation. Being single is a fun my friend. Think about those days in the bar and that playing cards with your friends. Won’t that be missed when you get the responsibility of your wife on your shoulders?


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