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How to Lift a Car With a Jack (5 Steps)

How to Lift a Car


A car can be understood as a four wheeler means of transport that is used by most of the people in contemporary world for traveling related purposes. Sometimes when the tire gets punctured and you have to change the spare tire with the punctured one as there is no provision for getting the puncture repaired, there comes a need to look for the approaches that can help you lift the car and thus here we are explaining the whole procedure for doing it for you.

How to Lift a Car With a Jack

How to Lift a Car With a Jack

1. Equipment That You Need:-

If you are a guy with muscles, it may be that you are able to pick up the car with your muscles power and if you want to make it done, making the use of tools, you will just need to bring some jack stand in order to lift up the car. You might even need some bricks so as to make the level go flat and some screw driver or an iron rod so as to fix it up with the jack and apply pressure on it.

2. Fix up The Area:-

Bring the car in an area such that the traffic does not gets distracted. Make the car get at side and thus choose perfect place for lifting it up. If you will try to do that on an inclined space, you are preferable on a risk to get injured and thus I will rather advise you to stay on a flat area so at to have support. Get the car on hand brake or parking break mode so that it may not get ahead by itself and then place the jack under it.

3. While Using The Jack:-

Place the jack under the car where the surface is perfectly solid and watch out that the surface is not slippery or wet as the weight of car may make the jack get sunken up deep in the wet soil and thus car won’t be able to be lifted up and instead cause an injury.

4. Lifting Up the Car:-

Insert the jack lever and lock it up. Now start rotating the jack lever such that the screw of the jack starts rising upwards. You can even choose to attach some pipe or a car kit, equipment, rod along with the jack lever so as to make grip with the jack. Keep on rotating the jack attachment so that the car gets lifted up to the desired level and thus back up the car with safety objects like bricks. Place enough bricks under the car so as to avoid any chance of it falling down. Make the experiment or repair that you needed to do with your car afterwards.

5. Bringing The Car Down:-

After you have done all why you had lifted the car up, you will need to bring the car down and thus I will advise you not to create a hustle and instead follow the same approach that you followed in step four but in reverse direction and opposite way. First of all, rotate the jack attachment in the reverse direction to bring the car down and then remove the bricks after the car gets lifted down. You can take the car back after removing all the stuff under it.


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