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How to Learn Sign Language for Deaf and Dumb

How to Learn Sign Language


Sign language is the language that is written with the help of signs or is described with the help of signs. Generally, when a deaf and dumb comes to you, he or she tries to make you understand by making gestures with fingers and hands, this is also a kind of sign language and the ones bought in use by terrorists to send their messages with special designed codes is also sign language. In order to learn sign language, you can adopt following ways:-

How to Learn Sign Language for Deaf and Dumb

How to Learn Sign Language for Deaf and Dumb

1. Study of Signs to Learn Sign Language:-

The best way to study sign language is to start studying various signs. Try learning maximum signs and their meanings. You should also try to study the slang signs as well. There are many books based on sign language available in the markets on book stores these days and you can thus manage to bring one home for yourself.

2. Study of Expressions:-

Sign language is not just the study of signs only, but it is also the study of expressions and thus we advise you to try learning the way people try to make you understand through expressions. Watch a deaf and dumb man’s expressions to have an idea about this, they can best express you anything without even speaking about it.

3. Study of Code Languages:-

There are also various code languages that have been bought in use as signs. These languages generally include signs based on diagrams that if once learnt can be decoded easily. Some of these signs are even tricked signs to resemble something else.

4. Study of Gestures:-

The study of the signs also includes the study of gestures. A gesture is something like a signature made in the air with the help of an individual’s fingers. A gesture is also a kind of sign and it can make you describe anything without even speaking. There are also some signs in which humans bring their body parts in use. Like if I give you the example of deep sea divers, when they come across a shark, they just wave their palm upside their head and the other divers get a clue that a shark is approaching them.

5. Imagination Power:-

Your imagination power also can help you a lot in this direction. The more imaginative you are, the easier it gets for you to understand the signs. You should be a man of deep thinking in order to learn sign language. You can also try working as an assistant under some expert of signs to learn the language of signs from him in written. You can also learn it through video tutorials available on YouTube.

6. Develop Thinking Power and Reasoning:-

Good thinking power and the power of reasoning are the two essential traits of every aspirant who wishes to study signs. You should keep in mind every kind of sign that you come across and when you come across a variety of signs studying each of them carefully, a sense of judgment will get developed itself in you to recognize the meaning of other such signs as well.


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