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How to Know You are Alive

How to know you are alive or just dragging your life


A person is called alive when he is living his/her life to the fullest enjoying every bit of it. When we ask this as a question from someone, he will always answer that if a body has not stopped functioning it is alive. If it suddenly meets a malfunction or if it meets an end, then it is not alive. There is always a difference in being alive or just surviving. If you are earning for bread and you are not able to make any savings from your earning, if your living conditions are not enough favorable as others and if you are not enjoying every bit of your life, it means that you are just surviving and that you are not alive. Here are some ways in which you can know that you are alive or not:-

How to know you are alive or just dragging your life

How to Know You are Alive

1. The Level of Stress and Workload:-

If you are forced to work more for earning nothing but just bread for two times a day and if the level of stress in your working schedule is more than normal, you are just surviving and not living. This stage won’t be considered as feeling alive. If your work place ensures proper salary as well as health services and it pays you enough to save something for your bad time, you are still alive to some extent.

2. Health of Relations:-

If all the relations connected with you are healthy, it means that you are alive. This does not refer to ensure their physical health, but instead the mental health of their relationship with you. If you meet countless clashes with your wife daily and she keeps on scolding you all the time blackmailing you to drag you in court for dowry, it means that you are just surviving and you are not alive.

3. Physical Health:-

Being alive also refers to your physical health. A person in the stage of coma surviving on the other’s favor is never considered alive as he is still dependent on others. He/she can’t even go and urinate on his own. We always consider such person as merely dragging his/her life. If you are healthy and there is no such health issue which makes you dependent on others, you are still alive.

4. Are You Living or Just Dragging Your Life:-

Whenever you feel confused in life that you are dead or alive, just ask yourself a question, “Am I living or just dragging my life?” If you have an aim that still needs to be achieved, it means you are alive but if you are living for no reason, your condition is worse than dead.

5. Are You Living From Inside As Well:-

It is ok that you are alive from outside and your heart, kidney, lungs and other organs are working but your inner soul and feelings should also be alive. If your feelings exist no more, it means that you are alive no more. Try to find enough time for you daily as the one who do not find enough time for himself and always stays busy is also never considered alive.


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