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How to know the Symptoms of Breast Cancer

What Are The Symptoms of Breast Cancer


The person suffering from breast cancer is likely to develop symptoms like a lump formation in the breast that feels different from rest of the breast tissues. The instrument to detect a breast cancer is a mammogram. The lymph nodes that develop in the armpits can also indicate breast cancer.

How to know the Symptoms of Breast Cancer

How to know the Symptoms of Breast Cancer

The lump may start getting thickening more from the other breast tissues. The difference in both the breasts can be clearly seen as one breast may start becoming different in size or shape or get inverted.

In some cases a rash may start developing around the nipple. A fluid may start discharging from the nipple the skin may also start getting rashed. In some of the cases the breast may develop inflammation and this type of breast cancer can prove to be a challenge even for the specialists to diagnose.

The symptoms in this type of case include inflamation along with itching and swelling in the breast affected from the cancer. The other symptoms include swelling, nipple inversion, warmth and redness throughout the breast affected from breast cancer. The skin may start representing an orange peel texture. This type of breast cancer does not show a lump and is hence hard to be diagnosed.

Most of the symptoms of breast cancer, including most of the breast lumps never represent underlying form of breast cancer. Only a little as twenty percent of lumps are found to be cancerous in nature. The benign breast disorders such as fibroadenoma and mastitis of the breast region are the most common culpruits to cause these symptoms.

Breast cancer appears to be a metastatic disease occasionally. I.e. The symptoms depend on the location of the metastasis with the most common sites being the bone, liver, lung and the brain. Weight loss can start to occur in some of the cases. Other symptoms in this type of cancer include acute fever, and chills. The metastatic cancer can some times menifest the bones or the joint pains. Some other symptoms like the development of jaundice or other neurological symptoms may also start to occur but most of these symptoms are found to be non specific in nature which means they could menifest many other types of serious illnesses along with them.

Breast cancer can be found to occur at nay age and with any of the upper mentioned symptoms, whether with a lump or not, each and every of the symptoms needs to be put in aqual care with both the patients and the specialist.


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