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How to Know if a Guy Likes you but Doesn’t Show it

How to Know if a Guy Likes You


We meet with many people everyday in our lives. Some come and stay for a while and some stay with us longer. Some start liking us and some even hate. This happens the most with girls, sometimes girls are not able to know even if the guy starts liking them and thus there comes a need to look for an approach that lets you know about the feelings someone has got about you. In this article thus we are up with some tips that will help you judge if a guy has fallen in love with you, some of which are as follows:-

How to Know if a Guy Likes you but Doesn't Show it

How to Know if a Guy Likes you but Doesn’t Show it

1. Eyes Say What Lips Fear To Speak:-

Some writer has truly said,” The eyes say what the lips fear to speak”. Same is the case with guys, Though they start liking a girl, but feel reluctant to tell her with a fear that doing so, they might even face disapproval and may have to lose her and the first thing that can help you know if a guy likes you is the way he looks at you. Just make an eye contact with him, look in his eyes, if he starts looking somewhere else all of a sudden means he is interested.

2. A Pointing Finger Is Enough For The Smart:-

Again, true those who are smart just need a pointing finger. If a guy keeps on looking at you, stays close to you and keeps asking others about you, he has fallen in love with you. Just smile towards him. If he is in love with you, he won’t be able to resist it.

3. A Compliment Always Follows A Noticing Eye:-

Whenever you get a compliment, it always means the complementor likes the way he saw it. If a boy compliments you about your smile every now and then, it means your smile makes him go crazy about you. Those who are close enough on social sites, If a guy likes every of your post, he is interested in you.

4. Even Nervousness Says Something:-

Those who get nervous have a thief in them. If you are sitting with him and he starts shivering. Your single touch makes him get lost in some other world; he has obviously started liking you. Sometimes it is seen that when a boy falls in love and looks in the girl’s eyes, he can’t even hear what others are speaking to him.

5. Every Signal Has A Story:-

If the boy has started liking you, He is sure to give you a signal. If he says he wants to get close, it means he is interested. He will keep on asking you about your interests, likes, dislikes, etc. The moment he asks it, he has fallen in love with you. He may even start getting a bit flirty.

6. Conscious About Looks:-

You can know a lot about a boy from his friend group. If he likes you, he must have told something about it to his friends also. They can tell you a lot about him or if nothing mentioned above works in your case, you can have a watch on his habits. If he has fallen in love with you, he is sure to get cautious about his looks when he comes in front of you. Often boys can be seen grooming their hair when they reach the place where the girl they like is.


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