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How to Know Employer Provident Fund Balance

How to Know EPF Balance


EPF or the Employer Provident fund balance can be accessed through the employer E-sewa portal and this can be done after you become a successful registered member of this portal. In case you need to know your EPF balance, you simply need to get the E-sewa portal account made online and after completing some formalities, the EPF account can be accessed anytime when you wish and the balance gets the best of your knowledge like this. The procedure for this can be explained as follows.

How to Know Employer Provident Fund Balance

How to Know Employer Provident Fund Balance

1. Open Up the Account:-

In order to know the epf balance, you will first of all need to open up an E-sewa portal account that will facilitate you with a username and a password that can be bought in use anytime so as to make any enquiry regarding the same.

2. Select the PF Office State:-

After you have made an account for yourself to know the epf balance, first you will come across a web page with title Member Balance Information from where you have to Select PF Office State as the state where you are residing in i.e. Delhi.  Just after selecting the desired state, you will come across a range of offices available with that region.

3. Select the EPF Office If You Know It:-

Now from the list of specified offices within the state that you have entered, you will need to choose the epf office if you know its name and then the respective other formalities will be made in the same direction.

4. Select the Respective Codes:-

On selection of office, the mandatory Region Code and Office Code will get populated automatically in the respective boxes. Enter the Establishment Code in the third box – which can be of maximum 7 digits. In case the Establishment Code has an extension / sub-code, enter the same in the fourth box. It can be a digit or letter as the case may be and can be of maximum

5. Make the Other Formalities:-

There are several other formalities that will be required to be fulfilled from your side. First of all you will need to enter the sub-code as well as the captcha code as well as the account number, the mobile number, the PF account number and other such details etc. In order to go for the enquiry of the epf balance wherever required.

6. The Final Approach:-

The final approach specifies you to agree by the terms and conditions and then agree for the services. Then submit for the result. On successful submission of above information, the details will be sent through messaging services that is automated SMS service that will be redirected to the mobile number that you have specified and thus you will be able to know your epf balance this way.


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