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How to Know About Baby Gender During Pregnancy

How to Know Gender during Pregnancy


There are many ways to adjudge the gender of your child during pregnancy, but most of them have been banned by the governments of various nations in order to control sex selective abortion. Sex-selective abortion is an abortion, which is made after guessing the gender of a child. Suppose if someone is expecting a baby boy and he or she comes to know that the baby’s gender is female, there is always a risk that such person will go for an abortion and thus to know a baby’s gender is not permitted in most of the areas. Still, there are enough ways with some restrictions to know the gender of a baby.

How to Know About Baby Gender During Pregnancy

How to Know About Baby Gender During Pregnancy

1. Judge the Gender with Ultra Sound:-

The ultrasound process is banned in most of the areas because of drawbacks in the society like female feticide. It is illegal and banned in most parts of the country, but it can be bought in use to know the sex of a child before birth. The Ultrasound can be used to generate the images of a fetus in a mother’s womb and it can be done after twelfth week of pregnancy.

2. Do It The Way It Was Done Before The Time Of Ultra Sounds:-

When technological advances like ultrasound had not been introduced, people could still guess the sex of a baby before birth, which was found to be true in most of the cases. This was the XY factor. The XX/XY system describes the arrival of a baby boy or a baby girl truly in most of the cases and thus it can be bought in use to adjudge the sex of a baby before its birth.

3. Even Ultrasound Is Available in Certain Conditions:-

To adjudge the gender of a baby is illegal, even in U.K and the doctors can’t perform the processes like ultrasound most often, but in some serious cases, even the governments permit ultrasound when there is a matter of health of the women. Such cases require special written permission for them to be performed.

4. The Myths and Facts prevailing:-

According to a fact, if you wish a baby boy, you should turn your face towards east while getting physically with your female partner. According to another belief, if the baby kicks while being in your womb, it is expected to be a baby boy. According to another fact, if you have sex in the evening or at night, this might result in a baby girl.

5. The Size of Your Stomach And The Heaviness To Be Concerned:-

People say that the weight of a baby girl is always lighter than a baby boy and thus you can consider the factors like the size of your stomach or the heaviness felt in it in order to adjudge if a baby boy is arriving at your home or it is the turn of a baby girl. The other ways include the way you walk and the way you feel. According to a theory, if you take your first foot forward while walking, a baby boy is much likely to arrive and if you experience morning sickness, a baby girl is expected to arrive.


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