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How to Knit Baby Socks

How to Knit Baby Socks


A baby is perhaps the best gift from god’s side to any parents. A baby’s skin is much delicate, soft and tender which needs utmost care to be taken in order to make it get proper care and thus in order to provide this utmost care to the baby even the dresses and other dress material that it is provided with consists of the Fabrics and material that continue with the softness provided to the baby’s soft and delicate skin. In order to knit socks for the baby, all these aspects are kept in mind which can be done in a way that I am describing here.

How to Knit Baby Socks

How to Knit Baby Socks

1. Choose the Right Kind of Wool:-

There is a separate kind of wool for every purpose. Suppose you wish to make a sparkling kind of woolen, the sparkling wool is purchased and for the purpose of differing designs, the differing wool types are purchased, but as I told you earlier that a baby’s skin is really delicate, which is why we have to purchase the soft kind of wool and this special soft kind of wool for babies can be purchased from the special wool outlet stores.

2. Say No To Elastic and Keep It Simple:-

In case you wish to make the use of elastic based method, I will like you to change your mind again because a baby’s skin is really delicate. Instead the same soft wool laces can be attached to the socks for the purpose of wearing them.

3. The Knitting Books for a Better Knit:-

If you are going to purchase the wool from a specified outlet like that of Vardhman etc. You can ask the dealer for special knitting books or ask him to show you the designs in trend as these stores also keep some ready-made designs available with them on display for a better customer experience.

4. Take Advice from the Friends and Other Professionals:-

In case you find the knitting books to be of no use, you may seek advice from some of your professional knitter friends who keep on knitting for her family and friends. You may also join some knitting classes if you do not know how to knit.

5. Measure the Length of Baby’s Feet:-

If the baby stays with you, you can have an easy estimate of the baby’s feet so as to make socks for him or her or else if the baby lives in some relative’s place and you can’t go and meet him and the socks are to be gifted when you go to see the baby, you can have an estimate of an average baby’s feet size in order to knit socks for the baby.

6. Make It According To the Baby’s Needs:-

It is but obvious that if the socks are one or two centimeters longer than needed, the baby will be able to fit in them after a certain interval of time, but if the size gets too small, the baby will find it difficult to fit in and your efforts will go wasted which is why we are advising you to knit socks according to the baby’s needs.