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How to Kill and Keep Maggots away

How to Kill Maggots


Maggots are basically the larvae or the flies like the ones seen in our houses. You can refer this word to the larvae’s of flies as well as the flies that sit on cheese as well as the ones that we see in our surroundings. Sometimes they can be hard to eliminate and thus we have come with some approaches for you that can easily help you get rid of these maggots.

How to Kill and Keep Maggots away

How to Kill and Keep Maggots away

1. Keep Your Dustbins Clean:-

The first thing that I will advise you in order to kill maggots is to keep your dustbins clean. These maggots stay in dirty places like dustbins only and when you will keep your dustbin clean, where will they go? You are advised to keep on spraying maggots repellents in your dustbin time to time in order to do so. You can even choose to keep booming the hideouts of these maggots. The moment you find one of these, just kill all with a broom kept in your house and throw them away or bury them in soil.

2. Bug Repellents:-

There are some bug repellents available in markets these days that can be purchased and sprinkled in your homes in order to kill most of the maggots before they cause you a serious damage. You can keep on spraying these bug repellants time to time in your home in order to be away of maggots and kill them.

3. Maintain A Proper Cleanliness:-

You are advised to maintain a proper cleanliness in your surroundings in order to get rid of maggots easily. When you keep your surroundings clean, maggots do not find a hub to make their territory and thus you get rid of them in an easy way.

4. Never Let Cheese Be Kept Open:-

Cheese is the favorite food of these maggots and thus you are advised to keep cheese in a covered airtight container in order to keep maggots away from it. Keeping your surroundings clean and keeping your food covered prevents them from getting their food as well and thus they choose to stay away from your surroundings.

5. Sprinkle Kerosene In Open Water:-

If there is some open water left in your premises or there is some men hole in your house where maggots live and have made it their territory, you can choose to keep sprinkling some kerosene oil daily in these areas in order to kill most of these maggots. Sprinkling kerosene in open collecting water prevents many types of larvae from residing in it as well.

6. Warm Water:-

Warm water can really burn these maggots. Boil some water at excessive temperature and put it on these maggots the moment you find any habitat of these creatures. This will burn them and help you clean your surroundings side by side. There are some maggot killing cakes available these days in markets as well which help you get rid of these maggots. Once a maggot eats these cakes, it will die after going out of your house.


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