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How to Kill a Vampire in 5 Steps

How to Kill a Vampire


Vampire may refer to the mythical beings who feed on blood. You must have seen in cartoons and stories that these are the human feeders who feed on the human blood for their survival and these just look like us in resemblance, but actually are a type of nocturnal bats that hunt for humans at night and feed on their blood to survive but it is only half truth as no one has ever seen them and thus it has been mentioned to as mythical by me. If they exist or not, that is mythical, but one thing is sure that these are bats and these are nocturnal, which only function at night or in dark. In order to kill a vampire, you may choose to go for the approaches that we are mentioning here.

How to Kill a Vampire in 5 Steps - HowFlux

How to Kill a Vampire

1. Keep Garlic With You:-

It is universally proven that bats fear the smell of garlic. Same is the case with vampires as well. Even they fear the smell of garlic and thus you can choose to keep some garlic cloves with yourself and implanted near the premises of your house if you feel like some vampire is likely to be there in your surroundings.

2. Get Benefit from Their Weaknesses:-

Everybody in this world has got some weaknesses with them and the weakness with these creatures is that these are nocturnal or you may take it as that they move out only at night as the sunlight makes them blind. You must have watched out that the bats who get exposed to the sunlight can’t even fly and thus become a victim of cats and dogs who choose to make it their prey. You can choose to take an advantage of this weakness of the vampires and keep proper light arrangements of light at your surroundings so as to get rid of this creature.

3. Have A Source of Fire With Yourself:-

In previous time like the people used to put a piece of wood on fire so as to dread the demons and devils, you can also choose to keep some source of fire along with you so as to dread these Vampires. Vampires are nocturnal and hence they will fear the warmth of the heat that fire generates.

4. Light, the Perfect Enemy of Bats and Vampires:-

Light is the perfect enemy of bats and all other creatures that move out only at night and thus you may choose to keep some torch or source of light along with you so as to kill this demon and make it blind. You may also choose to expose it to the sun so as to make it blind and ultimately die out.

5. Get Aware and Prevent Mistakes:-

Let me make you understand it with an example. You must be aware of the fact that bats can’t view and instead they emit some sound waves that they make use of so as to know if there is some danger approaching to them. Well, this knowledge can be used against them. They will be able to recognize you as a warm blooded organism by sending the sound waves and thus you may choose to hide in some sound proof place so as to make them unable to recognize the surroundings and ultimately die because they won’t be able to recognize the things in such a place.


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